Scammers Acted As "Pos Laju" And "PDRM" To Scam Two Different Women

The scammers had both women's IC numbers and house, office, and mobile phone numbers.

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A woman recently took to Facebook to share about how her mother was "scammed" by callers claiming that they were from Pos Laju and Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM)

On 13 June, Sasha* shared that "Pos Laju" had called her mother's phone saying that they received a suspicious package with her IC inside it.

They claimed that she was "outed" by a person named "Lim Kok Wei" for drug trafficking and money laundering, and that a warrant for her arrest was issued in Sabah.

*Name has been changed for safety purposes.

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Her phone call was then allegedly transferred to a number belonging to Balai Polis Kota Kinabalu (KK)

They later found out that phone calls could be masked to make the call look genuine.

The man on the phone told the victim not to return the call if it gets disconnected, as it can mess with the "recording".

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The woman was then asked for her other personal details

They asked her for:

- Her home address,
- Banks she has accounts with (not account numbers),
- How much balance is within her account,
- How many kids she has, and
- How many cars she owns.

The victim gave out the information, but she did not reveal details of her account number or CVV and license plates.

She was also asked to leave her house and drive away so that no one could hear the conversation.

The officer then offered to help the victim claiming that she would need to fly to KK within 24 hours and go into lock-up otherwise

To avoid getting detained, he used emotional blackmail and told her to check into a hotel and wait there for instructions.

"He used her kids and her sickly mother against her saying what will happen to us if she is in lock-up," the daughter wrote.

Her mother had also allegedly offered to help the man book her flight to Sabah. However the man told her not to and that she just needed to look for a hotel.

Screenshot of the phone calls.

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Worried about her family's well-being, the victim headed home to change her clothes and to look for a hotel.

Fortunately, her daughter saw her arriving home and heard the man on the phone.

After making sure that it was all a scam, her daughter immediately hung up the phone for her. The alleged scammers then began calling the victim's house phone multiple times.

"My mother was really upset, and couldn't think straight," the girl wrote.

She revealed to SAYS that they have since lodged a police report on the matter.

Another screenshot of the "scammers" attempting to call the victim.

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After she shared her Facebook post, a Twitter netizen reached out to the woman telling her of a similar experience she had on Wednesday, 12 June

She revealed that a "scammer" had called her office number told her a similar story. Presuming it was scam, she hung up.

However, two hours later, the same man called her mobile phone number, which made her begin to believe the story because it was "rare for someone" to have both her office phone number and her mobile phone number.

"They were able to read every detail on my IC correctly, and they asked me to report to the police so that I won't get into trouble if the thief uses my IC in future," she wrote.

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"I tried negotiating to report at the nearest police station but they made things difficult by saying I have to report in person at a Sabah police station because that is where my IC was forged," she wrote.

They were also able to connect her directly to the Sabah police station.

"[They] even asked to call [the] Directory and ask for IPK Sabah's phone number to prove that they are calling from a legitimate number," she added.

The "scammers" then asked the girl for information such as:

- Her salary,
- Family members names,
- Occupation,
- Loans,
- What time her father was away from her home,
- If her mother was alone at home, and
- If they have any relatives or neighbours who asked for her IC number on the pretext that anyone else might have had access to her IC.

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