Seremban Family Finds Weird Rubbery Residue At The Bottom Of Their Sunsweet Juice Bottle

It did not look anything like a prune or any kind of fruit. "It is hard to tell what is it exactly," Joel wrote.

Cover image via Joel Verghese (Facebook)

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In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, a man from Seremban shared that he found a foreign object at the bottom of his Sunsweet prune juice bottle

On Tuesday, 15 June, Joel Verghese shared how a month back, his family had bought a bottle of Sunsweet prune juice from a pharmacy.

They had been gradually drinking it over the weekend. However, as his mother was finishing up the juice on 25 May, she noticed something weird at the bottom of the bottle.

Thinking it was just bits of prune, she pulled it out only to realise that it was something else that looked weird and disgusting

It did not look anything like a prune or any kind of fruit. "It is hard to tell what is it exactly," Joel wrote. 

He also shared several images of the foreign object as well as a video of them inspecting it. It is apparent that the residue looked rubbery, and burnt on one side.

The images also show that the Sunsweet prune juice had not expired yet and was still fairly new.

Fortunately, Joel said his family did not fall sick after finishing up the whole bottle of prune juice.

To clarify the issue, he reached out to Sunsweet Malaysia via Facebook on 25 May

He sent them the pictures explaining what had happened and said he wanted some clarification on what they had consumed and how the foreign object got into their drink.

Sunsweet Malaysia got back to him on Thursday, 27 May, with a generic apology and requested for his contact details. However, they then kept mum.

Joel sent them messages to follow-up on two occasions — once on 1 June and another on 7 June — but was left on 'seen'.

"Even after I told them I will take it public, they decided to keep things quiet after leaving me on 'seen'," he shared.

Upset by how irresponsible Sunsweet Malaysia was at handling the incident, Joel wrote on Facebook to get some advice from the public

"I gave them the benefit of the doubt when I reached out to them directly instead of taking things public but I think they've taken it for granted," he said.

The public expressed their shock and offered some helpful advice such as hiring a lawyer and reporting the incident to relevant authorities under consumer rights.

When questioned by SAYS on whether he is planning to follow through any of the advice, he said, "Considering them at the moment."

After nearly a month, Sunsweet Malaysia finally got back to him, on Thursday, 17 June

Joel told SAYS that they were sorry he found some mould in his drink and offered to give him a hamper, to which he declined and requested for a proper test to be done before they classify it as mould so quickly.

In the screenshots provided, Sunsweet Malaysia responded that they know it is mould as they had encountered the same thing years ago.

They promised to look into it again and offered further compensation of Sunsweet merchandise and a shopping voucher worth RM200.

After the whole incident, Joel advised people to not let companies get away with 'ghosting' their customers' complaints

"I think people should make a fuss with the faulty or bad food products they purchase," he said.

SAYS reached out to Sunsweet Malaysia for their comment on this incident. They said that they are very concerned to hear of the negative experience that Joel went through.

"We would like to sincerely apologize for the negative experience that a consumer had with our product recently in Malaysia. Due to a technical oversight, we understand that our team was delayed in responding to a complaint by a consumer," they told SAYS.

Sunsweet Malaysia also added that although the prune juice is pasteurised, if the prune juice is not refrigerated properly after opening and consumed within 7 to 14 days, mould can develop.

They recommended that the consumer should keep the juice refrigerated after opening and consume it within one to two weeks after opening for best taste and best quality.

"We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused," they said.

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