SG Woman Caught On Video Disrupting Hindu Neighbour Who Is Conducting Prayers At Home

The Singapore police have since looked into the matter and a 48-year-old woman was called in for questioning.

Cover image via Livanesh Ramu (Facebook)

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A woman in Singapore was recently caught on video hitting a small gong while her Hindu neighbour was performing prayers

The video was uploaded by Livanesh Ramu on Facebook on Wednesday, 9 June.

In the 19-second long video, a bespectacled man can be seen ringing a bell — a common practice during prayers for Hindus — before his neighbour dashes out her door to strike a small gong.

Even after the man — believed to be Livanesh — has stopped ringing the bell, the woman continues hitting the small gong while looking disgruntled.

The stunt can be seen as an attempt to taunt Livanesh.

"Like many other Hindus, this has been a part of our family's 5-minute, twice a week prayer routine. Having lived in this home for more than 20-years we never had any issues. I guess with COVID we have a new norm," Livanesh wrote in the caption of the video.

At the time of writing, the video has gone viral with over 2,000 shares and 1,300 comments

Many netizens expressed their outrage at the woman for disrespecting her neighbour's prayer ritual.

"Absolutely disgusting!!! So sickening these things happen and Singaporeans try to defend the obvious RACIST Chinese lady. Wake up your idea, Chinese Singaporeans!" a Facebook user chastised.

One netizen suggested that the woman should have been grateful for the prayers as they are believed to offer protection to people around the neighbourhood.

Image via Facebook

Other netizens called out the woman for her double standards as other races have long tolerated the Chinese burning joss sticks and incense papers, among other things.

Image via Facebook

After the video went viral, the Singapore police opened an investigation into the case

According to The Straits Times, a 48-year-old woman was called in to assist the police with investigations.

In an update yesterday, 10 June, Livanesh confirmed that the police have reached out to him. He also thanked netizens for their support over the matter.

"While we await their findings, I do not wish to speculate on behalf of my neighbour with regard to her actions. We will update you further as the investigation concludes," he said.

"In the meantime, it is indeed heartening to see fellow Singaporeans in solidarity against intolerance. My family and I wish to thank everyone for their thoughts and well-wishes. Thank you for letting us know we are not alone."

Watch the video here:

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