[SHARE] Don't Fall Victim To These 5 Carjacking Tactics In Malaysia

Carjackers in Malaysia are getting more creative and brazen in their criminal ways. These methods have mostly been reported in the Klang Valley. One of the best ways to prevent yourself from being a victim of carjacking is to be well-informed. Knowing the methods and tactics used by carjackers helps, so that you know what to look out for.

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1. The Hijack Your License Plate Then Steal Your Car Method

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Modus Operandi: The carjackers will follow the targeted car, and remove the license plate when the driver leaves the car. Once the driver returns, the carjackers will attempt to return the car plate and use this opportunity to hijack the car.

Under this method, the culprits follow your car to a parking lot and wait for you to leave your car. They then remove your license plate and wait for you to return. Once you drive off, they'll follow you, and, when suitably timed, they'll overtake you, displaying your license plate. They present your license plate under the guise that it has fallen off your car.

When you stop your car to greet them and to collect your license plate, they'll make an attempt to steal your car, potentially using weapons. We've been advised the act is very well rehearsed and organized. Bystanders have also been unaware while the act occurs, since it initially looks like the driver just stopped the car to meet people.

What To Do: It's best to be attentive and take note of your car plate. If it is missing, call the police. Take extra caution if anyone claims they have found your missing license plate.

2. The Toyota-Lover Bandit

Toyota vehicle owners are said to be the target of carjackers in Bandar Country Homes in Rawang and nearby areas. Over a period of five months up to July, residents claimed there have been at least 10 such incidents with the thieves adopting the same modus operandi and targeting only Toyota vehicles.

Modus Operandi: Armed and masked men in a white Toyota Camry is seen parked near the victims' parked car. When the driver returns, the culprits will threaten the driver to hand over the car keys.

Several incidents are said to have happened on July 14. Kedai Ubat Weng Heng owner Hah Weng Heng, 44, had closed his premises at 9pm and was heading home to Phase Two. When he reached home, a white Toyota Camry pulled up behind him and three men came out and started ordering him to hand over his car keys and bag, with RM3,000 cash inside. “I handed them everything and they drove off in my five-year-old Toyota Camry. The driver was waiting in the car.

Also targeted on July 14 was banker Edwin Foo, 39, who was walking back to his car with his wife and child after having dinner at 8.30pm near the Bandar Country Homes market. He noticed a white Toyota Camry parked next to his Toyota Vios. As soon as he got in, three men wearing ski masks and armed with parang got out and demanded that he hand over the keys to his car.

What To Do: Be watchful of unfamiliar, suspicious-looking white Toyota Camrys in proximity of your car. Not to say all white Camry's are bad news, but better to be safe than sorry.

3. The Crash Your Car To Steal Your Car Method

Modus Operandi: The carjackers will crash into the victim's car to attract attention and threaten the victim with weapons such as iron rod, machete or samurai swords. Victims have also been targeted when entering their house or parking lot.

“The group, who had been active since early this year, uses the modus operandi of crashing into the back of the victim’s car and threatening the victim with a weapon before driving off with the victim’s car. They had also robbed the car victims as they were entering the house or at the parking area,” he told reporters near here today.

“We seized the cars which were parked at shopping complexes and condominiums around Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. From the raid at the budget hotel, police confiscated a 30-inch samurai sword, an 11-inch knife, a file, a 21-inch iron rod, masks and a watch,” he said.

What To Do: Opt to park at bright and busy places instead of dodgy, dark back lanes. It might also be worth it to invest in anti-break security car window.

4. The Smash And Grab

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Modus Operandi: The culprits, on a motorcycle, will stop next to a car at a traffic light, smash the car window, grab the bag, then flee the scene. Women with their bags at the passenger seat are usually targeted.

"They targeted women who stopped at traffic lights. They would smash the car window and snatch the handbags," he said.

Khor Lat Phui, 54, was driving alone in her Mercedez Benz from Penang to Taiping, said she stopped at the junction for the red light when two men on a motorcycle came alongside. "One of them smashed my rear mirror using a hammer and grabbed my handbag on the back seat," she said, adding that the men fled towards Nibong Tebal.

Lim Vun Chan, who is also Pan Malaysia Koo Soo Restaurants and Chefs Association president, said he was heading home with his wife and daughter, and had stopped at the red light when someone smashed his car window at about 11.30pm on Wednesday. "Luckily, my 20-year-old daughter who was seated on the right rear passenger seat was not hurt," he said, adding that they did not see who smashed the vehicle, as it happened too fast.

What To Do: As a precaution, don't put your belongings on an empty passenger seat. Look out for suspicious vehicles, especially motorcycles, that could be tailing your vehicle.

5. The Tow Truck Diversion

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Modus Operandi: A tow truck parked next to the targeted vehicle waits for the owner leave the vehicle. An accomplice then breaks into the vehicle with the tow truck driver acting as a distraction for the accomplice to flee.

This happened to a close friend of mine: He came out to walk his dog, and saw a towtruck parked next to his van. Towtruck driver smiled at him, my friend felt suspicious but thought nothing of it.
When he came back from his walk, he found someone inside his van. So he dragged him out and started screaming PENCURI PENCURI. At that moment, the tow truck driver came out to confront my friend. Distracted, the thief ran away.

When my friend went to the Damansara police station (this happened in Damansara Kim) to file a report, the tow truck driver came in to make a report ABOUT HIM. He basically told the cops he was making his rounds in the neighbourhood, and saw my friend randomly screaming at a stranger and accusing the stranger of stealing his van. The cops said since there were no other eyewitnesses, these are conflicting statements and they couldn't pursue the case.

What To Do: Be wary of large vehicles parked next to yours and keep an eye out for suspicious activities.

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