Shermine Denies Having Affairs With Other Men & Will Sue View Chin For The Allegations

Yesterday, 19 April, View Chin admitted that he hit his ex-wife after she was allegedly caught cheating on him with another man.

Cover image via Kosmo! & Sin Chew Daily

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TikTok content creator and businessperson View Chin admitted in a recent interview with Kosmo! that he had physically assaulted his ex-wife due to her cheating on him

In a conversation with the local news publication, Chin admitted yesterday, 19 April, that the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage his ex-wife, Shermine Hau-Ah Moi, posted on Facebook showing him physically assaulting her was true.

However, he claimed that he only did so after Shermine was allegedly caught cheating on him with another man for the second time.

"Yes, I admit that I hit her. The video that went viral is true. At the time, I was so angry after finding out that she had another man. She also had cheated on me twice with two different men," he claimed.

"I could not contain my anger when I found out she had been cheating behind me without my knowledge. At the time, I could not control myself, and I hit her," he added.

The entrepreneur went on to say that he has learned his lesson and apologised for his mistake.

View Chin in an interview with Kosmo!

Image via Kosmo!

In response to the claim, Chin's ex-wife made a Facebook post yesterday stating that the entrepreneur's allegations were false

According to Shermine, Chin's allegations damaged her reputation, and she is now ready to proceed with legal action.

"View Chin stated that I had engaged in extramarital affairs. These allegations are false and not true. As a result, they have damaged my personal reputation. Therefore, I hereby reserve the right to pursue legal action and claim damages and compensation," she wrote in the Facebook post.

Image via Facebook

Shermine also told Sin Chew Daily that she was going to report Chin's alleged mistress, Mira, to the religious affairs bureau for destroying her marriage

According to Sin Chew Daily, the ex-wife said that she had discussed the issue with her lawyers and will now hand over the matter to them to proceed with the report.

In a sit-down interview with the Chinese daily, Shermine was asked whether Mira had come forward after she exposed the alleged mistress' relationship with her former spouse.

"No, she did not. I believe she's hiding now. I will report it to the religious affairs bureau," she said.

Shermine also denied that Mira is already married, after photos showing her in a meminang ceremony went viral online.

She claimed that she was just engaged but later cancelled the wedding because she was already having an affair with Chin.

Shermine Hau-Ah Moi speaking to Sin Chew Daily in an interview yesterday, 19 April.

Image via Sin Chew Daily (Facebook)

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Yesterday, Chin revealed that he is ready to convert to Islam and marry Mira:

Meanwhile, former employees of a company run by an influencer took to Twitter to expose the alleged toxic work culture at their office:

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