Singapore Airlines Is Planning To Sell Flights From Changi Airport To... Changi Airport

Saying farewell and hello again to your family in three hours.

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In an effort to boost its business, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is considering three-hour flights to 'nowhere', where the planes take off and land at the same airport

According to The Straits Times, the flights take place at Changi Airport and should begin as early as late October.

The ticket prices, number of flights operated, and the services provided during the flight are not known yet.

"SIA is considering several initiatives that would allow us to continue engaging both our customers and members of the public," a spokesman explained, when asked by The Straits Times.

"We will make an announcement at the appropriate time if we go ahead with these plans."

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According to a survey by Singapore Air Charter, 75% of 308 participants were willing to pay for flights to nowhere

Travel restrictions to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic have negatively affected the aviation industry. Carriers such as SIA have taken a huge hit, triggering lay-offs as they only operate international flights.

Other countries have also attempted the idea of sightseeing flights

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Singapore Airlines will not be the first to offer trips whose destination is the airport from which it departed.

Japan's All Nippon Airways sold tickets for flights around Tokyo last month.

In Taiwan, Starlux Airlines launched a pretend tour abroad flight while EVA Airways filled all 309 seats on a Hello Kitty-themed Father's Day flight to nowhere.

If you're travelling, take note of these updated rules when flying AirAsia:

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