[VIDEO] These Bank Employees Were Spanked On Stage For Poor Performance

'WTF Wednesday': If that wasn't enough, their heads were also shaved.

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Apparently, certain individuals in places of power in China are somewhat hung up on what was (and still is) a standard operating procedure in schools all across Asia. Of teachers spanking the students for their poor performance so to "boost morale".

In a mobile footage that surfaced earlier this week, a motivational trainer in China is shown publicly spanking a number of bank employees with what looks like a wooden plank for failing to "exceed themselves" during training, reported The Guardian.

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First posted by the People's Daily, the video sparked outrage

It shows the trainer, identified as Jiang Yang, reprimanding 8 bank employees, both men and women, on stage, asking them why they, among a staff of more than 200, received the lowest scores in a training exercise.

One replied, "I'm not hard on myself." Another shouted, "I didn't make a breakthrough!" while a third blamed the lack of teamwork.

The trainer then asks them to prepare to be beaten, saying "get your butts ready" and proceeds to spank them. There were at least four rounds of spanking, with one woman recoiling each time, apparently in pain, reported The BBC.

At one point, that woman places her hands over her behind but is told to take them off.

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The incident happened at Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank, which is a lender in northern Shanxi province, China

Two executives at the bank have been suspended.

The trainer, Jiang Yang, has issued an apology, saying the spanking was "a training model I have tried for years" and had not been instigated by executives at the bank.

According to Chinese media reports, the spanking was followed by a hair cutting punishment. The men had their heads shaved, while the women had their hair cut. Watch the video below:

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