Standard 1 Student Holds Classmate's Hand To Comfort Her On First Day Of School

The heartwarming scene was shared by a staff member from SJKC Yu Hua in Kajang.

Cover image via SJKC Yu Hua Kajang 加影育華國民型華文小學 (Facebook)

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A little act of love and bravery at a primary school in Kajang has warmed the hearts of thousands of Malaysians on social media

The heartwarming scene was shared by a staff member from SJKC Yu Hua.

According to them, on the first day of school on Monday, 11 March, there were many parents and students walking in with excitement and anticipation for the new school year.

"I then noticed a little Malay girl standing outside the school gate. Her eyes were filled with doubt and tears, and she looked so hesitant to step into the school grounds.

"I could see her mother trying her best to encourage her to go inside," said the school staff.

At the same time, the staff then spotted another Standard One student making her way into the school

"The Chinese girl looked equally timid, but I saw she mustered up the courage, held the Malay girl's hand, and silently accompanied her to where all the other new students were lining up.

"Although not much was said between the two, as they were both probably really scared about their first day at school, at least they have each other on this new journey," the staff said.

The school staff added that they were so touched by the heartwarming scene and hoped it would serve as a reminder to others of the simple power of friendship and compassion.

"I hope each student will be able to find their own corner of warmth in this multiracial and multicultural school campus," they added.

The Facebook post has since been shared over 1,700 times, with netizens celebrating the wonderful gesture between the two students

"This is the diversity and harmony that we should celebrate and protect," said a Facebook user.

Another said, "I hope both of them will be friends until they grow old. And when they reminisce about their past, this picture will be a memory for them."

Image via Facebook

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