TTDI Ramadan Bazaar Vendors Explain Why They Are Increasing The Price Of Their Food

Most sellers have had to increase the prices of their food by around RM1 to RM2.

Cover image via Asyraf Hamzah/Berita Harian & NSTP via Berita Harian

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The increase in raw material costs has forced most vendors at the Ramadan bazaar in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) to raise the prices of their food

According to Berita Harian, food sellers have had to increase the prices of their offerings by around RM1 to RM2.

Murtabak seller Suhaimi Ahmad, 54, stated that he had to raise the price of his murtabak from RM5 to RM7 due to the rising cost of onions, which have reached RM7/kg.

"Murtabak uses a lot of onions, and previously, we also faced a shortage of eggs. These are some of the problems vendors are facing today," he said.

Suhaimi explained that he had informed buyers about the reason for the price hike earlier, expressing his hope that customers would understand the situation.

"It depends on the buyers, whether they can accept the price increase with an open heart. We vendors have no choice. I apologise to all customers," he added.

Image used is not of Suhaimi's murtabak stall and is for illustration purposes only.

Image via Asyraf Hamzah/Berita Harian

Meanwhile, Roti John seller Asmah Jamilus, 43, shared that she had to raise the price of her food to RM9 due to the increased prices of chilli sauce, black pepper sauce, and meat

"Actually, I wanted to raise the price to RM10, but my husband advised me to stick to RM9. Last year, I sold Roti John for RM8.

"I had to raise the price because the minced meat we use increased from RM18.50 to RM21.50. We use 15kg of meat per day," she explained.

Asmah emphasised that the size of the bread for her Roti John has not been reduced and that they only raised the price by RM1.

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