Passenger Records A Bus Driver Looking At His Phone While Speeding On A Rainy Day

The bus driver also had his wired earbuds on as he texted and drove.

Cover image via Chuah Shirley/Facebook

A video showing a bus driver speeding on a highway in Perak while he was using his smartphone has gone viral

The video was posted on a public Facebook group by Chuah Shirley yesterday, 3 October. The video has since garnered over 4,800 shares.

"Driving so fast on rainy days! (sic) On top of that, he is playing his phone while he is driving!" Chuah wrote in the caption.

The 28-second long video shows the bus driver constantly fixated on his phone

He repeatedly had both his hands off the steering wheel with only his elbows touching it.

The driver was also seen wearing a pair of wired earbuds while speeding on the fast lane.

Chuah told SAYS that her 15-year-old son was on the bus, which was en route from Ipoh to Taiping, Perak

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She said the bus departed at 5.30pm and arrived at the Taiping toll at 6.05pm. Chuah stressed that the speed was unacceptable, especially when it was raining.

Typically, a journey of about 60km in the route should have taken at least an hour.

Meanwhile, Chua's son told SAYS that there were eight passengers on the bus at the time and he was the only passenger at the front who noticed the distracted driver.

Not knowing what to do as a teen and afraid that voicing out his concern would start a commotion, he decided to film the driver instead.

The 15-year-old said that he was so terrified that he decided to keep an eye on the road for the driver

He said he sat up straight throughout the journey and did not dare to take a nap.

Asked that if he would ever take an intercity bus again, he said he was traumatised by the experience and would resort to KTM's Electric Train Services (ETS) instead.

The mother-son duo has since lodged a complaint with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and hope that the Ministry of Transport will take action against the bus driver.

You can watch the full video here:

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