"See You Later Gator" — Teenager Brings Crocodile As Backup For Inter-School Gang Brawl

The croc apparently belongs to the school, and was assigned to be taken care of by the student who brought it to the fight.

Cover image via @warungjurnalis (Instagram)

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While most of us are aware of the three rules in Fight Club, is there a fourth rule that suggests using reptiles as a backup for certain instances?

An inter-school brawl that recently took place in Duren Sawit of East Jakarta, Indonesia, has been going viral for an awfully peculiar reason. As a method of reinforcement for the fight, one of the students involved brought in a baby crocodile to the incident.

The altercation took place last Sunday, 18 September, as reported by Indonesian media outlet, Warung Jurnalis. 

The publication has also uploaded closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the fight onto their Instagram page, as well as clips of the students getting rounded up by police, who arrived at the scene after word of the situation. A brief clip of the brawl can be seen below, and if you look closely, so can the crocodile.

After the teens were herded into the police station, it was revealed that the croc was under the care of the boy who brought it to the fight

Upon entering the station, the teen can be seen carrying the critter in his arms.

The unidentified student carrying the baby crocodile after being apprehended by the police.

Image via @warungjurnalis (Instagram)

Police custody has revealed that the teens are believed to have traded insults on social media, with the circumstances getting so bad that it escalated to this brawl. 11 people were taken into custody, and were made to sign statements promising that they would not get involved in anymore fights. The parents of the teens were informed, and the rivalling schools were also made known of the incident.

District's police commissioner chief M Marbun told Indonesian news outlet that the croc was indeed present during the fight, explaining that the boy did not expect a brawl to happen with another school while taking care of the animal.

It was later disclosed by digital media outlet, Coconuts Jakarta, that the reptile belongs to the school, which specialises in animal care education. Luckily, the croc was merely present as a spectator and was not involved in the fight, harming no humans, nor was it harmed.

The unnamed crocodile has since been confiscated by the police, who have in turn handed it over to the East Jakarta Environment Agency

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