"Housemate From Hell" – Tenants Unable To Handle Housemate's Filthy Habits & Kick Him Out

Fredaus mentioned in his video that the housemate had only been staying in the room for two to three weeks before it began to smell of leftover food and undisposed trash.

Cover image via @fredauuuuussssssssss (TikTok)

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When one rents a room, it is to be expected that the tenant will be the one cleaning the room, seeing as they paid for it for a certain period of time

However, one tenant clearly did not get that memo as he quickly became the thorn in his housemates' sides by being quite possibly one of the dirtiest tenants one would have the misfortune of staying with.

In a video by Tiktok user @fredauuuuussssssssss, he captured the disgusting habits of this housemate and had pictures to prove just how filthy the culprit truly was.

He showed the extent of the mess in the room where the tenant was staying. From leftover food to miscellaneous trash strewn all over the side of the bed, Fredaus reported that the room began to smell just after two to three weeks of the tenant living in the room.

If a dirty and smelly room wasn't enough, the tenant had apparently been urinating in the sink of the shared bathroom of the house

It was to the point where a notice had to be placed on top of the sink to remind the tenant not to relieve himself in the sink. 

If not for the reminder, Fredaus said that he would be greeted with the smell of urine every single morning after the tenant used the bathroom.

To make things worse, the tenant would also help himself to the food in the shared fridge of the apartment without asking for permission. Fredaus mentioned that this has happened quite a few times, but he and the other housemates chose to remain patient with the tenant's antics.

Unable to tolerate the tenant's shenanigans any longer, they decided to kick the culprit out of the apartment

According to a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation allegedly between Fredaus and the tenant, the tenant was seen being asked to leave despite him trying to negotiate to stay a little longer. But Fredaus stood firm with the demand and told him to leave the same day.

After exposing everything in the video, Fredaus mentioned in the comments that the tenant had finally moved out of the apartment

However, much to the horror of netizens, Fredaus added one more habit that the tenant was reportedly quite fond of doing: leaving faeces all over the bathroom.

Fredaus's video has since gone viral, with two million views and 100,000 likes.

Many netizens sympathised with Fredaus and shared their own housemate horror stories in the comments.

One netizen shared that they had a roommate who would never wash their clothes and would spray perfume in the wardrobe just to hide the smell.

Image via TikTok

Another shared that they had a housemate who never washed their eating utensils and would actually place them back into the utensil drawer without cleaning them first.

Image via TikTok

Other comments said that whilst they aren't exactly the definition of a clean freak, they said that they couldn't imagine living in such filthy conditions like Fredaus's housemate.

Image via TikTok

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