Teresa Kok Pokes Fun At Msia's Love For The Number 1 In Latest CNY Satire Video

A Sedition Act investigation and a threat slap will not stop Teresa Kok from making her CNY satire videos.

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Last Chinese New Year, Teresa Kok was investigated for sedition, threatened to be slapped, her office was attacked with red paint, dead chicken and ducks were left for her, and she was cursed with black magic, all because of her 'Onederful Malaysia' CNY video

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That did not stop the DAP Seputeh MP from continuing with her tradition of producing satirical videos on Malaysian politics

While last year's video brazenly ridiculed the price hikes and violent crimes, this year's video, '1Goat Year 1 Great Family' took a more subtle approach

Besides PKR politicians including Teresa Kok, Nurul Izzah, Khalid Samad, and Hew Kuan Yew, the video also featured Pak Samad and Cynthia Gabriel from Suaram

Local actress Lim Ching Miau made a comeback from last year's video, portraying the same character reminiscent of Rosmah. This time, they were quick to assert that the character is not the First Lady.

The video is set in a home where the gang discusses organising a big family dinner for Malaysians, all the while highlighting the country's penchant for the number 1

Current events including overflowing water, being kept up by mat rempits, golfing in Hawaii, and shopping in Thailand were also mentioned tongue-in-cheek

The gang invited all Malaysians to join a reunion dinner on 12 February 2015 by sending in an application. The '1 Goat Year 1 Great Family' FB page has since been filled with Malaysians asking for an invitate.

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Prior to the video launch, the Facebook page was also seen posting cheeky teasers taking a jibe at Malaysia's many "1" endeavours

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The video that was published on Facebook on 1 February has received over a thousand shares in 24 hours. On YouTube, the video has gathered over 60,000 views in three days. Full video:

Read about last year's video:

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