The New Tourism Tax Will Also Apply To Airbnb Bookings

The tax rates will depend on the facilities provided.

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On Friday, 7 July, Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said that Tourism Tax will also be imposed on rooms booked via Airbnb

The Tourism and Culture Minister, however, added that the new Tourism Tax applies only to Airbnb places that have six rooms or more under the same owner.

The Tourism Ministry had last month announced that tourists visiting Malaysia will be required to pay a tourism tax if they're staying in a hotel, resort, or any sort of accommodation. The minister had also included Malaysians in the tourist category.

The Rustic Rural Retreat by Teratak Damai Langkawi.

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theSundaily's Vathani Panirchellvum quoted Nazri saying:

"Moving forward rooms on Airbnb will also need to pay Tourism Tax. Only for those with 6 rooms or more. My ministry is now going on the ground to register the establishments."

How will the rates be imposed on Airbnb rooms?

According to theSundaily's report, the rooms will be rated as per the facilities provided.

"If the facilities are like 3 stars, we will charge them 3-star rates, if like 5 stars, we will charge them 5-star rates," Nazri added.

However, charity and religious organisations that operate and run homestays and homes will not be taxed under the new Tourism Tax

Additionally, as previously reported by our friends at Cilisos, the new Tourism Tax will not be applied to non-commercial facilities under the ministry, educational and religious boarding schools along with whomever the Finance Minister excludes.

Is it fair to levy the new Tourism Tax to Airbnb bookings? You can share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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