This 8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Wrote A Book About Battling His Villainous Lymphoma

He was declared cancer-free last September.

Cover image via Andrew Koay/Mothership

A year and a half ago, 8-year-old Andrzej Goh was diagnosed with cancer

The boy, who lives in Singapore, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a form of cancer that attacks the body's immune system.

His mother told Mothership in an exclusive interview that they discovered that Andrzej was sick after he experienced a few weeks of coughing at night.

"He looked tired, but you know children when they play too much they look tired. And during the day he didn't cough. So I didn't notice anything wrong with him," she said in the interview

One night, however, the boy's face turned purple and he collapsed.

The woman explained that if not for a doctor at the National University Hospital’s accident and emergency department, "he would have been dead that night".

Andrzej was diagnosed with cancer after X-rays showed that he had suffered from a fully collapsed lung

However, thanks to chemotherapy, the young boy was declared cancer-free last September.

In April 2019, he successfully completed his final treatment.

Today, the 8-year-old cancer survivor can call himself a published author

His mother came across an advertisement for a young author programme by Artistic Strategies Academy (ASA) and encouraged him to write about his journey.

She told Mothership that Andrzej took just two days to write 'The Villain In Me' in May.

The book, which was also illustrated by Andrzej, is about his battle with his lymphoma Red Ron, the villain of the story

"The story features the warriors that have helped him in the hospital as well as the love and care of his family members who stood by him as he emerged triumphant in the battle," read he book's description on ASA's website.

"It was a long and tedious fight. Sometimes, I felt sick and tired but I never gave up because I did not want to disappoint my family members," Andrzej wrote, as shown in an excerpt. 

'The Villain In Me' can be purchased from ASA for SGD18 (RM55) including local shipping.

Profits from the sale of his books will go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Well done on the book and congratulations on beating cancer, Andrzej!

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