This Mum Had To Pay RM6 After Her Baby Broke A Bowl, But That’s Not What She’s Upset About

The incident happened in a popular restaurant at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, PJ.

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A visit to Oriental Cravings, one of the most popular restaurants at 1 Utama Shopping Centre in PJ, turned sour for a Malaysian mum when her 11-month-old baby broke a bowl and knocked over a utensil off their dining table

According to a Facebook post by the mum in question, she had just placed her son in a baby chair when he reached out for the empty bowls on the dining table. She managed to grab on to one of them, but another fell to the floor and broke.

The post has been widely circulated among parenting groups on Facebook since it was posted on Wednesday, 25 May. The original post on her personal page has 300 shares, while her post on a public group for mums has been shared more than 800 times.

The baby's mother apologised to one of the shop's employees and was told that she would have to pay for the broken bowl. Though dumbfounded, she agreed and proceeded to look at the menu.

Here's where things kinda went downhill. While his mother was perusing the menu, he knocked a plastic spoon off the table.

Though it was just a plastic spoon, the baby's mum wrote that a waitress loudly ordered her co-worker to "check if it is broken".

The waitress' outburst proved to be the last straw for the baby's mum. However, before she could leave, she had to pay RM5.85 - including service charge and GST - for the bowl her son had broken.

As a simple post merely meant to share her personal experience went viral, other FB users began sharing their own stories of restaurants that have handled having small children in their establishment very well

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It also turns out that the restaurant has had a reputation for being not being child-friendly for a while now

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A quick check on the restaurant's unofficial review page also indicate similar sentiments on how the restaurant's staffers treat patrons with small children

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Speaking exclusively to SAYS, the baby's mum - who has dined in the restaurant several occasions before - stressed that she wasn't upset at having to pay for the broken bowl, but the staff's vocal treatment of her and her baby over a plastic spoon

"It made me feel so uncomfortable dining there with a baby because I intended to feed my baby there. God knows what they will say or charge me with if my baby accidentally spilled water or food on the floor," she said.

"I don't expect anything from these service business owners, only their understanding and simple manners to customers who want to give them business."

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