[PHOTOS] Malaysia Has Its Own PokeMobile!

Catching em' all has never been easier!

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Following the latest global craze of Pokémon GO, Grab and Hotlink have jointly prepped four limited edition PokeMobile cars for trainers to hunt down Pokémons when the game launches in Malaysia

Image via Grab

In anticipation of the game, both Grab and Hotlink announced that for the first two days following the launch of the game, all Pokémon GO players can book a free ride to the nearest PokéStop by selecting the PokeMobile button on their Grab app.

Since Pokémon hunting is known to be energy-draining for both trainers and their phone batteries, each of the PokeMobiles are specially equipped with some awesome goodies

Image via Mobile88
Image via Mobile88

Each of the PokeMobiles are specially equipped with refreshments, Grab Goodie Bag, Hotlink PokeChargers for your phone, and even a Hotlink Fast 4G widescreen monitor.

Existing Hotlink customers will be getting a headstart in the game by providing US$100 worth of PokeCoins

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That is equivalent to 14,500 PokeCoins, which trainers can instantly exchange for additional gaming advantage! Examples of what trainers can purchase with USD100 worth of PokeCoins:

- 145 Pokémon lures to attract more Pokémon to any location
- 145 Pokeballs
- 96 egg incubators

Head of Grab, Jaygan Fu said knowing that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, they too wanted to be a part of the immersive game while helping players with it

(L-R) Maybel Chan, Maxis’ Head of Content & Engagement, Jaygan Fu, Grab Malaysia’s Country Manager and Navin Manian, Maxis’ Head of Prepaid, at the official launch of the Grab-Hotlink PokeMobile on 2 August.

Image via Grab

“We are aware there is a huge Pokémon following in Malaysia and we wanted to join in the thrill of the game. As Grab has always been focused on providing safe, comfortable, convenient and affordable rides, we wanted to encourage and help Pokémon Trainers hunt for the Pokémons while traveling from one PokeStop to another safely," said Fu.

Does this partnership mean Pokémon GO is coming to Malaysia soon?

Image via The Guardian

It appears to be so. According to The Malay Mail, the game was scheduled for its local release this weekend, but developers were still resolving server issues. While tech site The HypedGeek have speculated that the game will be launching pretty soon after the Malaysian Pokémon GO was detected earlier this week.

While you wait for the release of the game, why not dowload the Grab app on iTunes and Google Playstore?

Image via Soya Cincau

Will you be hitching a PokeMobile when Pokémon GO launches in Malaysia! Let us know in the comments below!

IGP Khalid Abu Bakar will be keeping an eye on you everytime you play the game...

Pokémon GO has been nothing short of a global phenomenon!

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