Government Reveals The Official Reason Why 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Was Banned In Malaysia

Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Zahidi Zainul Abidin gave the official reason why the latest Marvel Studios' movie was banned in Malaysia at the Dewan Negara yesterday, 10 August.

Cover image via PARLIMEN MALAYSIA (YouTube) & Marvel Entertainment (YouTube)

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Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Zahidi Zainul Abidin has confirmed that Thor: Love and Thunder was banned because of LGBT elements

Zahidi made the revelation during the question-and-answer session in the Dewan Negara yesterday, 10 August.

PAS Senator Datuk Ahmad Yahaya asked him whether the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) is looking at enhancing the law to prevent a growing number of movies that promote ideologies that are not in line with the religions and cultures of the nation.

Ahmad also lauded KKMM earlier for its firmness in banning movies such as Lightyear, another movie from a studio under the Walt Disney Company.

"Lately, there was a movie that failed to pass our censorship (board), and that was the latest Thor movie," he said.

"(It was banned) because it mentioned LGBT but we see right now there are many films with LGBT elements that slip past the censorship."

Prior to Zahidi's revelation, there was no official reason why the latest Marvel Studios' movie was banned from screening in Malaysia.

Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Zahidi Zainul Abidin speaking at the Dewan Negara yesterday, 10 August.


The deputy minister continued that LGBT elements in films are becoming more subtle these days

As an example, Zahidi referenced a film about the historical figure Alexander the Great, which he watched when he was younger.

There was a scene in the movie where Alexander and his confidant had come back from somewhere with tired faces, implying that the duo had "done something".

"That's how they promote LGBT," he said, adding, "Now there are many films on television, that passed (censorship), are full of LGBT elements."

"So if there are those that slipped past censorship, we ask the community to help us."

Zahidi also said the ministry will take action against individuals who promote LGBT culture on platforms such as TikTok

"We have taken action against such people but they have run to another country," said the UMNO leader without mentioning who, but it is believed that he was referring to Nur Sajat.

"They are number one in promoting (LGBT). But we can't capture them. So, with a joint effort of the religious departments and the government, we will prevent LGBT culture from spreading."

Earlier, Zahidi said the government does not have control over companies with online streaming and over-the-top (OTT) platforms based abroad, such as Netflix

"Provisions in the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 do not include censorship of such content, which is spelled out under Section 3(3)," he said.

"In addition, OTT services, such as Netflix, are not like public broadcast services or private institutions in the country that are answerable to existing laws involving licencing and censorship in the country."

The deputy minister said it is in the parents' and guardians' responsibility to prevent their children or loved ones from being exposed to such content, suggesting they apply password locks on those platforms.

He also urged Malaysians to exercise self-control and use their own judgment before viewing such content.

Watch Zahidi explain why Thor: Love And Thunder was banned at the 58:36-minute mark in the video below:

Thor: Love And Thunder was supposed to screen in Malaysia on 21 July but was delayed indefinitely before it was announced on 28 July that the movie would not be shown at all:

After the movie was prevented from screening, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) had the perfect response when Marvel Studios announced its new line-up of movies:

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