3 M'sians Transform Abandoned Alleyway Into Ramadan Bazaar For Other Young Entrepreneurs

It cost them RM20,000 to upgrade the alleyway.

Cover image via Bernama (Instagram)

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Three youths have taken the initiative to upgrade a deserted alleyway in their hometown of Sungai Petani, Kedah into a well-visited Ramadan bazaar

According to Bernama, the three men behind this initiative are 39-year-old Ainol Zulkarnain Zainal Abidin, 33-year-old Muhammad Daniel Halis, and 25-year-old Muhammad Aiman Mohd Tajudin.

The trio said they spent a total of RM20,000 to upgrade and beautify the alleyway located at Jalan Patani to encourage their friends to set up stalls in the area.

Ainol Zulkarnain said the alleyway situated beside his coffee shop was initially dark and filthy. It also used to be hotspot for burglary cases.

However, together, they painted the walls of the alleyway with colourful murals and put up with bright lights along the street, creating a welcoming ambience for visitors.

The 39-year-old added that the idea to give a new look to the alleyway started last year, and they made improvements slowly. This year, they were able to attract 16 young entrepreneurs to open their stalls in the bazaar

Items available for purchase at the bazaar include food, drinks, and Hari Raya outfits — all sold at a reasonable price.

The bazaar organiser added that they were thankful to have gotten their permit approved by the Sungai Petani Local Government Office to operate a bazaar in the alley

He hopes the local government will continue to support them and their small businesses.

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