M'sian Shocked To Find Homeowner Rents Out Extremely Tiny Rooms For RM250 In Shah Alam

The room does not have a fan nor window, but 'half' of an air conditioner.

Cover image via Twitter

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A Malaysian man was astounded to find a homeowner renting out extremely tiny rooms for around RM250 in Shah Alam, Selangor

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, 25 April, the 27-year-old man, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared four photos of several rooms he was inquiring about.

"This small room with no air conditioner costs RM200 (a month), while the room with an air conditioner costs RM250 (a month) with the electric bill included," reads the message from the landlord.

One of the photos shows the room with an air conditioner shared with another space outside, as only half of the unit is in the room.

The room comes with a dilapidated single-size mattress on the floor, which takes up almost the entire space and there is not enough space for any furniture.

Image via Twitter

At the time of writing, the tweet has gone viral with over 820,000 views and 3,500 retweets

The man told SAYS that he was expecting to pay between RM200 and RM300 for a room in Shah Alam, but was "disappointed, shocked, and triggered" by the rooms he found.

He said he had lived in a similar room in Kuala Lumpur many years ago, where he paid RM150 a month in rent and that was even bigger than the Shah Alam listing.

He wished landlords can be more compassionate when renovating their properties to be rented out, saying, "May landlords out there realise this issue and it's never been okay to offer such provision to their potential tenants."

Image via Twitter

Over the past two years, photos of extremely small rooms being rented out have gone viral on the Internet several times:

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