[SHARE] "KL Is THE Most Dangerous Place I Have Travelled To"

It's a frightening wake up call when a backpacker who has been travelling for nearly 30 years to places like Africa, Yemen and South East Asia says Kuala Lumpur is THE most dangerous place he has been to.

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UK backpacker Dave Ramsey was stabbed and mugged in Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL on 5 October 2013

As the crime rate in Malaysia rises, the public is feeling less secure walking down the streets these days. Even tourists have not been spared as more fall victims to muggings and snatch thefts.

One such incident left a backpacker, Dave Ramsay from Ayr, United Kingdom angry and annoyed as he was stabbed and mugged in the KL city center near Hard Rock Cafe on Oct 5.

In relating his horrifying experience on the VirtualTourist website (, Dave said that he was not only mugged but also stabbed in the chest in the incident. His ordeal is also being shared on Facebook.

Dave Ramsey shared his experience on VirtualTourist, saying that he was stabbed in the chest in a 'stab first rob later' attack

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The mode of this mugging was to pull on a bag and when I turned round I was stabbed in the chest with a knife, while turning. This is a stab first rob later mode of attack.

My friend held onto her bag and I started to assist only to be slashed with the knife across my right arm - that was when I saw blood spraying out my chest I told her to let the bag go as her head/neck was closest to the knife.

The robber fled with the bag. I think we were marked and then surrounded as some of the "local concerned helpers" were actually trying to pull me clear.

It took him 30 minutes to get to a hospital because several taxis were not willing to pick up the bloody man

It took 30 mins to get to a hospital (City Hospital - very happy with the medics there top job). I was lucky to be able to stand in the road to stop a taxi.

Several (taxis) passed after seeing blood - and eventually after being rejected at a private hospital I got mediacal attention.

Dave said he was lucky to have survived the trauma for his build. According to him, had it happened to a slimmer person, it could have been fatal.

Dave was very disappointed in the police as they seemed like they had no intention nor interest to pursue the criminals

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No police anywhere in an iffy area (I think they get a cut to stay away), security at the local venues did nothing.... Very hard to get support people in street or taxis.

The tourist police did not ask ANYTHING about the perpetrator of this crime - all they did was produce a report for an insurance claim.... They have no intention of pursuing criminals, no interest.

An NYC man came in 10 minutes later having had his gold chain snatched from his neck - he said he lived in NYC 32 years and this was his first every mugging.

Dave genuinely feels that the police in KL are worse than the criminals

I genuinely feel the police in KL are worse than the criminals because they are ineffective, not present and most likely getting a cut. The politicians are the police masters I wonder how they make so much money.

Malaysia truly Asia (my arse this is a pit of crime)
KL= Killed by Locals.

His last advice to other potential tourists was not a positive one

This place needs avoiding big time. I have travelled Africa, Yemen, SE Asia for nearly 30 years back packer and 5 star.

I am not a squeemish person but I genuinely believe this to be THE most dangerous place I have been due to the vast number of incidents and the frequency of them.... its epidemic.

Besides Dave Ramsey's account, the VirtualTourist website was filled with stories of mugging and theft from other tourists

Virtual Tourist

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VirtualTourist is a website that provides a platform for travelers to share their experiences and provide tips or advice to fellow tourists worldwide.

Just 2 weeks ago, a British lady was almost kidnapped by a taxi driver

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