Two Policemen Were Killed In A Car Crash While Escorting SPM Papers Near Pahang

It is believed that the crash could have been caused by slippery roads.

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Two policemen were killed in a car crash after their patrol car skidded off the road and crashed into a guardrail on the East Coast Expressway near Maran, Pahang yesterday, 23 October

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The policemen were escorting this year's SPM examination papers while travelling from Bentong to Kuantan in the afternoon.

Both officers did not survive the crash

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The officers were Sergeant Major Roslan Maon, 50, and Constable Watson Edin, 23 from the Pahang police headquarters.

Slippery roads from the rainy weather is believed to have caused the crash

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While escorting a vehicle that was carrying the SPM 2018 examination papers, the officers hit a guardrail along the highway. The patrol car is believed to have skidded off the road at a curve.

It caused Sergeant Major Roslan to be pinned inside while Constable Watson was thrown out of the car.

The Fire and Rescue Department was present at the scene to assist the police in removing the victims from the wreckage

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The officers' remains were sent to Jengka Hospital in Pahang for a post-mortem.

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