Researchers At Kelantan Uni Are Using Education Ministry's Money To Study Possessed People

The study is said to have an 80% to 90% accuracy.

Cover image via Berita Harian

On 23 July, Berita Harian reported Dr. Yohan Kurniawan, an Associate Professor at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), as having received a grant from the Ministry of Education to conduct a scientific research on supernatural spirits

Free Malaysia Today reported Yohan as having support from the Ministry's Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), a research grant which promotes research in pure and applied sciences, engineering, technology, health and social sciences, arts and humanities, and national heritage.

Yohan works in the Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development at UMK.

Yohan and his genie-detecting machine.

Image via Syamsi Suhaimi/Berita Harian

Leading six other researchers, Yohan has been working on the study since two years ago.

The associate professor also stressed that the four year-long research will have an 80% to 90% accuracy.

Yohan said that his study analysed 10 people who claimed to be possessed using a RM15,000 machine from the United States

The associate professor claimed that his machine detected electrical movements in his respondents when they underwent "exorcisms" while Quranic verses were read to them.

"This machine is (used as) a scientific method to prove the existence of genies in human bodies through electrical changes, given that the creature was created from fire according to al-Quran," Yohan was quoted as saying by Berita Harian, before adding that he aims to prove that supernatural beings are not merely a figment of people's imagination.

"It is hoped that this research will contribute towards treatment using alternative medicine on patients who suffer from mysterious illnesses," he added.

According to UMK, Yohan is an expert in Social Sciences and Psychology

His past research include studying the use of music and traditional medicine to reduce stress, and the effect of listening to al-Quran while driving in fatigued condition.

You can refer to Yohan's previous publications here.

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