CCTV Footage Shows Man Stealing Woman's Underwear From Laundromat In Puchong

The thief only stole the woman's undergarments, leaving her husband’s underwear at the scene.

Cover image via Nur Liyana Ismail/Facebook

A woman said that she couldn't "sleep well" at night after realising that her undergarments were stolen by a stranger recently

Facebook user Nur Liyana Ismail shared her recent experience when she used a laundromat service in Taman Tasik Prima in Puchong, Selangor.

According to Nur Liyana, she has always done her laundry at home. However, she resorted to washing the laundry at home on Tuesday, 20 February, and used dryer at the laundromat as she just returned home with a huge load of laundry since she had been outstation for a total of five days.

She explained that there isn't enough space at her condominium to hang the clothes to dry them out in time so that they could be worn by the next day.

It was learned that she went away from the laundromat to eat in the nearby area, leaving dryer to do its job.

When she returned, she realised that something was amiss.

Nur Liyana found the clothings which she had left in the dryer earlier scattered everywhere when she was back at the laundromat to collect them.

She then realised that her undergarments were missing from the pile of clothes because they were stolen by someone. 

"Can't sleep well, thinking non-stop, 'Why?' What's the motive? My panties and bras you took, but why didn't you also take my husband's underwear?" she wrote in her post. 

Nur Liyana also included several stills from a closed-circuit television (CCTV) recording in her post

Based on the stills from the CCTV footage, it is believed that an unidentified man had rummaged through the clothings and stole Nur Liyana's undergarments at the laundromat.

"All the underwear are gone, not one left. Be careful everyone. This is a lesson for me."

Meanwhile, a female passenger was caught drying an underwear on a plane recently:

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