US Woman Tried To Smuggle Baby Out Of Philippines In Her Carry-On Luggage

She claimed she was the newborn's "aunt".

Cover image via The Sun & CNN Philippines

An American woman was charged for attempting to smuggle a newborn out of the Philippines on 5 September

43-year-old Jennifer Talbot from Ohio was caught by immigration officers after checking in to board her Delta Airlines flight at Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Wednesday, 4 September.

Image via The Sun

According to International Airport Investigation Division chief Manuel Dimaano, Talbot was apprehended by immigration officers at the boarding gate when she could not provide a passport or any documentation for the six-day-old baby.

Talbot allegedly placed the infant in her carry-on luggage while she was passing through immigration

Coconuts Manila reported that the woman began to draw attention after she was finished with the immigration process. 

Talbot allegedly removed the baby from her luggage and tried to carry him when she wanted to board her flight. 

Image via The Sun

When Delta Airlines cabin crew questioned the woman at the boarding gate in Terminal 3, she was unable to provide any documentation for the infant.

Philippines authorities were immediately alerted to detain the woman for questioning, CNN reported. 

During her questioning, Talbot claimed that she was the infant's "aunt"

Image via The Sun

It was revealed, however, that the infant was actually handed over to Talbot by Maricris Dulap, a Filipino woman she had met online. 

Talbot flew to Davao City, Philippines to meet Dulap last month, after the Filipino woman allegedly agreed to give her child up for adoption. 

When the infant was born, Talbot managed to evade security and boarded a flight from Davao City to Manila where her Delta Airlines flight back to the United States awaited. 

Talbot has been charged with human trafficking, child abuse, kidnapping, and serious illegal detention

Image via Coconuts Manila

According to Philippines National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) spokesperson Auralyn Pascual, Talbot had violated the Anti-trafficking in Persons Act of 2003.

"The child's situation must have been very difficult during the time that he was put inside that bag," the spokesperson added.

NBC News reported that when contacted, the United States embassy told authorities that Talbot has no criminal record in her home country. 

Dimaano revealed that Dulap, who is an unmarried single parent, would also be charged for giving her child to Talbot, adding that police are still looking for the child's father. 

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