[VIDEO] A Man Repeatedly Kicked A Victim's Car Over An Alleged Road Rage Incident On KESAS

The incident happened on KESAS Highway heading towards the Klang direction last night, 4 March.

Cover image via Facebook

A video capturing a Perodua Myvi driver rage-kicking the passenger door of a Suzuki Swift on KESAS Highway has gone viral on Facebook

The 34-second-long video was uploaded by Facebook user nicknamed Xuan. In the caption of the video, he revealed that the incident happened at 8pm yesterday, 4 March.

"Your stop making everyone in danger (sic), no matter how, [you] cannot stop at in (sic) the highway," wrote Xuan in the viral post with over 800 shares.

Image via Facebook

In the video, the seemingly irate Myvi driver was seen repeatedly kicking the white Suzuki Swift and trying to open the passenger's door

Image via Facebook

The man, donning in a black T-shirt, was seen kicking the passenger window of the Swift twice with his right leg.

The man was also seen pointing his finger furiously and screaming at the top of his lungs before pulling the car door handle forcefully.

Fortunately, the Swift had its doors locked.

Speaking to SAYS, Xuan said he did not know what caused the Myvi driver to assault the Swift driver but advised that both drivers should at least stop their vehicles at a safe spot first

Image via Facebook

"The incident happened as we were heading home towards the Klang direction," Xuan related.

"We were driving on the fast lane and a few cars in front of us suddenly hit the emergency brake.

"We managed to safely to come into a complete halt as well. But when I looked back, there was a lorry honking loudly as it headed towards us."

Xuan said the lorry, which was on the middle lane, managed to switch to the slow lane before merging back to the middle lane.

According to him, it was fortunate that the slow lane was empty, or else the lorry would have collided into him or the Myvi and the Swift.

You can watch the video here:

8PM jus now ... kesas highway.. your stop making everyone in danger, no matter how, u cannot stop at in the highway...

Posted by Hunter K Xuan on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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