[VIDEO] Dr Noor Hisham: Malaysians Staying At Home Will Be My Best Birthday Gift

He turns 57 today, 21 April.

Cover image via Sehinggit Media

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham has sent a message to all Malaysians regarding the best birthday gift he can receive this year

"On the occasion of my birthday [today], 21 April, the most special gift for me will be if Malaysians continue to stay at home and observe high hygiene standards," he said with a smile in a video posted by Bernama on Twitter.

Dr Noor Hisham, who has been the focus of media and Malaysians since the COVID-19 outbreak, turns 57 today

The Health director-general who hails from Sepang, Selangor has been appearing on television consistently around 5pm everyday to give the country updates on the COVID-19 situation in the country, reported Bernama.

Just yesterday, 20 April, on the eve of his birthday, he brought good news with the number of positive cases recorded in Malaysia being the lowest since 12 March, with 36 cases and no deaths reported.

His calm and composed approach of managing the pandemic in Malaysia has gained worldwide attention

He was acknowledged by China's news network CGTN last week as being "one of the world's top three doctors handling the outbreak", alongside United States' infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci and New Zealand's Health director-general Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

The surgeon by training has also been selected to join a multidisciplinary and international coalition of scientists tasked to accelerate COVID-19 research.

As on brand, Dr Noor Hisham again humbly advised all Malaysians to stay at home in compliance with the Movement Control Order (MCO) as his birthday gift to break the COVID-19 chain of infection together.

Love and respect for the Health director-general is evident - as of writing, #HappyBirthdayDGHisham is trending on Twitter

As usual, Malaysians netizens who are cooped up at home have come up with many creative ways to wish him a happy turn of the year.

Watch him deliver his birthday message here:

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