[VIDEO] Indonesian Woman Smacks Down Thief & Teaches Him A Lesson For Stealing Her Phone

The woman single-handedly threw the man onto the ground, all while sporting a cigarette in her mouth.

Cover image via @utusantvofficial (TikTok)

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An Indonesian woman has gone viral for single-handedly beating up a man who tried to steal her handphone at a roadside stall in Kalimantan

In the video, the woman in a blue nightgown was seen punching a man in the head and hurling him onto the ground, all while with a cigarette in her mouth.

She then proceeded to kick him while he shielded his face with his arms whilst another man tried to calm her down, but she brushed him off.

"Kenapa nyawa kasian? Maling neneh, maka mancuntan hp urang (Why are you pitying him? He's a thief, he stole a phone)," she is heard screaming in the video.

The incident is said to have happened on Sunday, 10 April, in the Banjar district in South Kalimantan

After the video went viral, local police found that the incident occurred at a roadside stall in Simpang Tiga Village, but the authorities said they will not be making any arrests.

"It was revealed that the man who was beaten was a thief who stole the woman's mobile phone," Banjar police chief Doni Hadi Santoso told Indonesian news portal Detik News.

"But out of pity for the criminal who may be put into jail, [the woman] decided not to make a police report."

Doni added that the police are looking for the man's place of residence anyway to issue a statement of peace between both parties.

Nevertheless, the video has circulated across social media, with many users applauding the woman for her harsh punishment on the thief

A copy of the video on Malaysian news platform UtusanTV's TikTok account alone has garnered nearly three million views and much praise from awed Malaysians.

"Maybe this mak cik watches a lot of WWF," a user joked.

Image via TikTok

"For the first time ever, I feel bad for the thief," said another.

Image via TikTok

"Even in her baju kelawar (nightgown), she can do a smackdown. Don't play around," said a netizen.

Image via

Someone else commented, "Isn't this the mak cik from Kung Fu Hustle?"

Image via TikTok

Watch the woman's skilled takedown here:


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Good on you, auntie!

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