[VIDEO] Langkawi Restaurant Owner In Disbelief As Customers Arrive In Swanky Helicopter

He said that while he didn't recognise everyone, he overheard someone being addressed as 'Datuk'.

Cover image via Dangau Langkawi (Facebook)

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A restaurant owner in Langkawi was left in disbelief when a group of customers arrived for lunch at his establishment in a swanky helicopter

Zaidi Hassan, 40, who runs Dangau Langkawi, a restaurant specialising in traditional Malay cuisine, initially thought his friends were playing a prank when a customer called to make a reservation and asked if there was a spot nearby to land as they would be arriving in a helicopter, reported the New Straits Times.

"I thought it was one of my friends making a joke. The caller said he wanted to have the 'set talam' for lunch at my restaurant, and that he and some friends would be coming by helicopter.

"I asked if he was serious," Zaidi recounted.

True to their word, 20 minutes later, the unmistakable whirl of a helicopter filled the air.


The helicopter landed in a an open field about 20m from the restaurant

"At least six people stepped out and came to the restaurant. They were joined by around 10 to 15 other people who came by cars," he said, adding that the diners spent around RM500 on the 'set talam'.

They spent about an hour at Dangau Langkawi before departing.

"I didn't recognise everyone who came by helicopter, but I overheard someone being addressed as 'Datuk'," Zaidi was quoted as saying by the English Daily.

Meanwhile, local authorities confirmed the helicopter landing was pre-approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM)

Langkawi district police chief ACP Shariman Ashari told Berita Harian that the police were informed of a helicopter landing near the restaurant yesterday evening and that it had been approved by CAAM.

The helicopter landed during lunchtime yesterday, 28 April.

Watch the video here:

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