30 Die From Heatstroke In Thailand So Far As Govt Warns Temperatures Could Rise Above 52ºC

Take note if you're travelling to Thailand soon.

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Thai authorities have warned that temperatures may rise to over 52ºC, according to the heat index

The heat index is a measure of the temperature and humidity combined.

AFP reported the country's health ministry as saying that 30 people have died from heatstroke between 1 January and 17 April this year, compared to 37 deaths in the entirety of last year.

The heat index revealed that the temperature has reached an "extremely dangerous" level

AFP reported that Bangkok hit 40.1ºC on Wednesday, 24 April, with similar temperatures expected in the coming days.

According to The Nation, Bangkok's weather, in particular, is said to reach 41ºC today, 26 April.

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People have been advised to stay indoors for extended periods to prevent heatstroke.

Heatstroke occurs when the body's temperature rises above 40ºC.

Thailand's Department of Disease Control deputy director-general told AFP that officials are urging the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions, including obesity, to remain indoors and drink water regularly.

Generally, April is the hottest time of the year for Thailand. However, the El Niño weather pattern has made things worse.

El Niño is a climate pattern that brings about unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. It brings drier and warmer weather to most of Southeast Asia, but causes heavy rainfall and unusual weather events in other parts of the world.

The Thai Meteorological Department predicts "hot and hazy weather" during the day for most of Thailand, with isolated thundershowers from today until 2 May. Temperatures may range between 41ºC and 44ºC in the next few days.

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