[VIDEO] KL Man Escapes Unhurt After A Fan Falls From The Ceiling And Nearly Crushes Him

My worst nightmare caught on camera.

Cover image via Twitter @nrtniax

A man from Kuala Lumpur recently went viral after he survived what could have been a very terrible accident.

While at work, a spinning fan fell from the ceiling and almost crushed him.

On 20 February, a Twitter user known as Tania shared a video of the incident which took place in a store at Ampang Hilir.

She wrote, "Kun faya kun (if God intends it to happen, then it will). God is great! Thankfully, my brother's friend leaned forward to pick up a sticker. Oh God."

Her post has since garnered 313,200 views and 26,200 retweets.

In the 45-second clip, the man can be seen bending over to pick up an item under the counter when the fan suddenly dropped from the ceiling and landed on his desk

Tania told SAYS that the man in the video is 28-year-old Azim and according to her, the incident happened on Saturday, 15 February.

The video shows Azim completely keeping his cool after nearly being hit by the fan. He is seen looking around and then casually talking on his phone.

Tania also added that he escaped completely unharmed.

A few netizens shared how they've always had a fear of being crushed by a ceiling fan

A person said, "This is what I've always imagined of as a child. It can be very traumatising."

"This is what I'm most scared of, oh God. Sometimes I feel like I don't even want to use a ceiling fan. Thankfully, God is still watching over me," shared another user.

One netizen wrote, "I've always envisioned the fan falling on me while I'm sleeping. Oh God, it's so scary."

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