This Video Of A Woman Beating Up Two Snatch Thieves In Penang Is So Bad A**

The schadenfreude is strong in this one.

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Violence is never the answer, but we could be tempted to overlook that when it comes to knocking out petty criminals.

On that note, a video showing a woman beating two would-be snatch thieves has gone viral since it was posted in a public Facebook page dedicated to the Penang community yesterday.

The video, which seems to be taken with a dashboard cam, shows a dark-clothed man attempting to snatch the woman's handbag... only to be repeatedly kicked and punched by the would-be victim

She knocked her assailant to the ground, only to be attacked by another helmeted guy. Let's just say, he should've known better... coz it ended with her calmly walking away with her handbag.

She's demonstrated some pretty epic bada**ery, although some commenters chided the people in the car as well as passers-by for not helping the woman fend off the snatch thieves

However, some suggested that the video might have been staged as part of a marketing scheme to promote the dash cam

Regardless, it's kinda satisfying to watch. Watch the epic video HERE:

Girls Defending Herself from Snatch Thieves

Girls nowadays keat lo..Don't play play.

Posted by 槟城人(Penang Lang) on Saturday, 22 October 2016

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Meanwhile, motorcyclists have been cautioned to be careful when riding at night, as robbers are believed to have set up wire traps in lane tunnels to catch them unawares:

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