[VIDEO] Passersby Team Up To Move Illegally Parked Car That Was Obstructing Buses In KL

"Why lah some people so inconsiderate when parking their car?" questioned an X user.

Cover image via @KlutzyKucing (X)

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Two days ago, passersby in Kuala Lumpur found themselves taking control of an impromptu traffic situation as they joined forces to move an illegally parked car

The incident that occurred at the intersection of Lebuh Ampang and Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, garnered significant attention after an X user, Jehan Bakar, uploaded a video of the occurrence on the social media platform.

In the video, a double-decker RapidKL bus can be seen struggling to make a turn as a blue Perodua Bezza had parked illegally on the bend of the road.

"Why lah some people so inconsiderate when parking their car?" questioned the X user.

The one-minute-and-44-second video showed a group of pedestrians taking immediate action to move the car to the opposite side of the road to clear the way for the bus and other vehicles that were trailing behind it.

The passersby then worked together to reposition the car closer to the road's edge as another RapidKL bus encountered difficulty navigating the same bend.

The situation concluded with the arrival of traffic police and a tow truck that removed the illegally parked car from the location.

The video amassed over 960,000 views, with netizens commending the good Samaritans and expressing frustration over the situation

"Why? Because these people lack empathy and are self-centred. At the same time, there is also a lack of enforcement which has emboldened these people, [allowing such actions to persist without consequences]," commented one user.

"I don't know what is the best solution for this. [Either reduce the number of cars, create more parking spaces], reduce parking fees, or tighten enforcement of parking and road regulations," said another.

Another user shared a similar incident, saying, "I've experienced something like this before. They parked like that, thinking cars could squeeze through on the side. And that's the only exit from the lane."

Watch the video here:

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