Video Shows A Bully Punch And Kick A Teenage Boy In Kuching While Others Watch

In the video, the bully's friend was seen holding down the boy.

Cover image via Sarawak Viral/Facebook

A video uploaded on a Facebook page shows two boys bullying a teenaged boy at an unspecified location in Kuching, Sarawak

It's not clear when exactly the bullying incident happened, but the video was uploaded on a Facebook page called Sarawak Viral on Friday, 30 August.

In the video, which is 40-seconds-long, the bully, wearing a grey t-shirt is seen raining down several punches on the boy, who is being held down by another bully.

The bully then kicks the victim on his head, making him collide against the wall as he tries to shield himself using his arms

While the boy in grey t-shirt assaults the boy, others who appear to be the bully's friends, simply watch and then burst into a laughter a few seconds later.

In a separate Facebook post, a woman claiming to be the victim's aunt alleged that they are students from SMK St Thomas, Kuching

According to the woman's post, which was posted on 30 August but has since been taken down, she is furious about the incident.

"I want to meet the boy in grey t-shirt. If my nephew is wrong, there are other ways to solve this! A police report will follow," the woman wrote in her now-deleted post.

Image via ViraL/Facebook

It's not clear if a police report was lodged about the bullying incident. At the time of writing, there have been no media reports about the incident. However, the video is still up on the page.

The 40-seconds-long video has been viewed over 23K times and has over 700 shares.

You can watch the video here.

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