Video Shows Grandma Dangling Grandson With A Rope From Balcony To Save Her Cat's Life


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A grandmother who dangled her grandson with a rope from the balcony to rescue her cat probably has nine grandchildren

In an incident that took place last Sunday and was caught on video, the Chinese grandma was seen dangling her seven-year-old grandson from the fifth-floor balcony by a rope tied around his waist to save her dear cat stuck on a ledge one level below their apartment in Peng'an County, Sichuan province, China.

Image via Press TV

You may say that your pet is more precious to you than anything else, but is it precious enough like this grandma's cat? We don't think so!

The granny, who was identified by her surname Tang, after noticing her cat in danger instinctively dangled her grandson like a carrot instead of approaching her neighbours below.

Priorities, right?

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In the video footage that has since gone viral, the boy is seen standing on a tiny ledge below while tied to the rope being held by his retired grandmother in the balcony above.

The boy is then seen putting the cat into a bag. Following which, both of them get pulled back up to safety by the grandma, who was assisted by the boy's uncle.

While onlookers shouted and urged her to stop, the grandma failed to pay them any attention.

Image via Guancha

The act drew widespread criticism from Chinese netizens, who questioned if it was the cat's life the grandma valued more

"The cat is their own blood, I'm not sure about the grandson," one commentator wrote on Weibo, with a user wondering, "How can a normal person come up with this sort of idea?"

While another user said, "This is not funny at all. Some people really do not deserve to be parents."

A few others tried to find some humour in the situation

"Knocking on your neighbour's door is too basic," one Facebook user wrote sarcastically.

"The cat has nine lives, and grandma has nine grandchildren," another joked, with one remarking, "Her cat's reaction: 'That's right peasant, keep going'."

Meanwhile, the grandma insisted that the boy was not hurt

According to Chengdu-based Red Star News, the grandma said that did not feel her act was dangerous at the time, but after watching footage of the incident she felt scared.

Promising to not make the same mistake again in future, the elderly woman claimed that she had "panicked" and "wasn't thinking" when she dangled her grandson to save her cat.

"It is not that I would rather risk my grandson's life to save my cat. I did it because I was certain (of his safety)," she said while expressing regret over the situation that lasted 10 minutes.

Image via Press TV

Watch the minute-long video here:

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