[VIDEO] This Malaysian Boss Surprised His Employee With A Paid Trip To Mecca


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In a heartwarming gesture, an employer decided to gift a long-serving member of his staff a surprise present

The employer, Datuk Calvin Khiu, who is the group chief executive officer and founder of MK Curtain Group, posted a TikTok video on Tuesday, 21 January, of how he surprised his employee, Shohor Abd Rashid, with an all-expense paid trip to Mecca.

Image via TikTok @khiu19

Shohor appeared to be caught off guard with the surprise gift

"It is not just a dream, I really hope to go to Mecca," Shohor tells Khiu at the beginning of the video.

The 67-year-old then breaks into a smile as Khiu presented him a placard with his name and dream destination on it.

"Uncle, you have been working for me for the past 10 years," said Khiu, "You have been good and hardworking, and never made me worry. So now, I would like to give uncle a gift."

Overcome with emotion, the short clip ends with teary-eyed Shohor saying, "Every day that I work, I only pray for the health of my bosses," before Khiu gives him a hug.

Image via TikTok @khiu19

Khiu has gifted his staff trips to Singapore, Korea, Japan, and even some European countries, but this is the first trip to Mecca that he has given

"The trips are usually offered to staff who have excelled in the company by reaching their specific targets," Khiu told Malay Mail.

However, he wanted to given Shohor a token of appreciation, a special reward not based on just performance in the workplace.

As of writing, the video has received over 51,000 likes on TikTok.

Many Malaysians were touched by the video and flooded the comments section with praise for Khiu and safe travels for Shohor

"Of a different religion but with a pure heart. Congratulations, Datuk. May all your good deeds be an inspiration to everyone to keep the peace among us all," said a TikTok user.

Image via TikTok @khiu19

While this user said, "10 years is a long time for uncle to work. That must mean his boss is a good person. If his boss wasn't, I don't believe he could have stayed there that long."

Image via TikTok @khiu19

"Congratulations, uncle! I hope uncle completes his Hajj with God-given acceptance. Boss, is there a job vacancy in your company? I would like to work there," joked this user.

Image via TikTok @khiu19

Watch the sweet video here:

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