Bomba Waited 30 Hours For A Man Who Climbed Up 150M Tall Tower After An Argument

The distraught man climbed the tower on Monday morning, 20 January.

Cover image via Kanowit Fire Department/Malay Mail & The Borneo Post/YouTube

A man scaled up a telecommunications tower in Sarawak on Monday morning, 20 January, and stayed up there for over 30 hours

According to Malay Mail, the man climbed the 150-metre tower after he had an argument with a colleague at his workplace - an oil palm plantation in Nanga Dap, Kanowit.

He then refused to budge from the tower despite coaxing from the bomba and police to come down.

Policemen and the Kanowit Fire and Rescue Department believe that the man started to climb the Bukit Memaloh Telecommunications Tower around 7am on Monday

As an initial rescue effort, a policeman was sent up to talk to him, reported The Borneo Post.

It was learnt that he is an Indonesian named Fandy Bujang who had a spat with his co-worker at Nanga Dap.

However, when pressed for more details, the 35-year-old suddenly started to cry.

The distraught man also threatened to jump when the policeman got closer, leaving the latter with no choice but to descend.

"Numerous efforts to coax him to come down had failed, and in fact, he began to throw nuts and bolts at rescue personnel," said the Kanowit bomba

According to Berita Harian, evening rains put a further strain on the operation, with the tower becoming slippery and more precarious for the distressed man, but doing nothing to compel him to climb down.

In the end, a team of bomba and police set a safety net at the base of the tower and spent the night there.

After more than 30 hours later, two bomba personnel finally persuaded Fandy to come down around 3.40pm the next day, Tuesday, 21 January

"With the use of safety rope, he was brought down and handed over to police for further investigation," said a bomba representative.

The man was also sent for a medical check-up at Kanowit Hospital.

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