Fresh Grads Complain About How Jobs Offering RM2,500 Salary Require Years Of Experience

The Twitter thread has since gone viral with over 4,200 retweets.

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A woman recently took to Twitter to express her frustration at how some jobs on Jobstreet offer a fresh graduate's pay but require several years of work experience

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In a viral Twitter thread on 17 June, engineering graduate Najiha Baharin shared that she was browsing through JobStreet looking for jobs that offered a minimum pay of RM2,500.

"Most companies offer the salary with a minimum requirement of 3 to 5 years of experience in relating field. Kerja 5 tahun pun min salary is still 2500? Bloody hell. We're f*cked," she wrote.

Her tweet has since gained over 4,200 retweets, as netizens related to her frustration

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Meanwhile, one netizen suggested that job seekers should attend interviews anyway and to counter offer the initial 'low salary' figures

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While another responded to her saying that companies may be listing 'certain' requirements for the sake of it and that it should not deter people from applying anyway.

In response, Nabiha wrote that when employers put those requirements, it seems "tacky" and "is probably a bait" for desperate job seekers

She added that it may just make job seekers settle for the minimum pay even though they have years of experience.

"[It] takes skill to demand more without sounding desperate," she wrote, adding that some people may or may not have those skills.

"Despite Bank Negara's rule in minimum wage of RM2700 to RM3000 for single people income (for fresh grads), there's no strict actions taken if companies failed to do so, which makes it more of a flexible guideline. Sadly, most corporate companies play on the guideline as they please," she added.

On the contrary, several netizens claimed that it is difficult for companies to offer the 'right' salaries for various reasons

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You can read the full Twitter thread below:

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