Woman's Fingers Gets Stuck In Grotesque Position After Using Her Phone Non-Stop For A Week

Put down your phone once in a while, folks.

Hello everyone, this is a cautionary tale to remind you to put your phone down every once in a while

In a recent report by Shanghaiist, a woman in China was reportedly unable to move her fingers after using her phone from day to night for an entire week

The unnamed woman had apparently taken one week off from work, only to spend her entire vacation tapping and scrolling away on her phone

Image via Pear Video

According to Pear Video, she would continue looking at her phone upon going to bed at 9pm until she fell asleep around midnight. 

Not long after, she started experiencing severe pain in her right hand and eventually found that her fingers were stuck in a grotesque, smartphone-holding position

Realising that she was unable to bend nor move her fingers properly, she went to the hospital. Shanghaiist reported that she was eventually diagnosed with tenosynovitis, an inflammation of the fluid-filled sheath surrounding a tendon which could have been caused by repeating the same motion day after day. 

Fortunately, the woman was able to regain normal movement in her hand after treatment. In a video accompanying the report, the doctor advised her and the general public to moderate their smartphone usage.

Image via Pear Video

He also advised those using laptops to consider switching to a mouse in the event of prolonged usage, so as to give their hands and fingers a break. 

You can watch the video featuring the woman and her doctor here:

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