Woman Finds Teacher Who Helped Fund Her College Registration Fees 36 Years Ago

The teacher, Pak Lin Haw, went out of her way to make sure her student successfully attended their dream university.

Cover image via Norasiah Jamil (Facebook)

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A Malaysian woman, Norasiah Jamil, recently made a Facebook post requesting for help to find her Form Five Chemistry teacher, who she has not seen in 36 years

In the post, she wrote that her teacher, Pak Lin Haw, used to teach at her school, SMK Alor Akar (SMKAA), Pahang.

Norasiah said she graduated high school in 1987 and, at the time, received an offer to continue her studies at the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM).

While she was ecstatic with the offer, she knew deep in her heart that it would not be easy for her to attend the university because she came from a lower-income family.

At one point, Norasiah quit her studies because she was not able to pay the university's registration fees.

Cikgu Pak Lin Haw (sitting) with her students at school in 1986.

Image via Norasiah Jamil (Facebook)

Not wanting Norasiah's academic journey to end, Cikgu Pak decided to pay for the student's registration fees with her own money

Aside from using her own money, Cikgu Pak also requested the school to cash out some money from the Parents and Teachers Association (PIBG) funds to help the student achieve her dreams.

"Even though I received the offer, I decided I had to stop studying because my family couldn't afford it because we had just moved into a FELDA home in 1986," she wrote.

"She was willing to spend her own money and [requested to use] the PIBG fund to pay [my] registration fee for UTM's 1988 intake," she added.

Due to the teacher's support, Norasiah managed to attend UTM, completed her tertiary studies, and is currently working as a businesswoman, reported Kwong Wah.

Cikgu Pak Lin Haw.

Image via Norasiah Jamil (Facebook)

Norasiah, who is now in her 50s, said she is now actively looking for Cikgu Pak to repay her for her kind deeds

She made the post in hopes that netizens could help her find and connect her with her Form Five teacher.

Norasiah also wrote that as far as she remembers, Cikgu Pak was married to a Mr Phua, and that they both came from Sekinchan, Selangor.

"I owe it to her because she was one of the strongest people who supported me when I wanted to study at UTM," she wrote.

"After 36 years, I hope to find her to thank her again," she added.

Fortunately, the woman said in her Facebook post that she managed to find the teacher with the help of netizens.

Speaking with Malay Mail, Norasiah said that she is currently making plans to reunite with Cikgu Pak soon.

The teachers of SMKAA in 1886.

Image via Norasiah Jamil (Facebook)

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