Woman Slapped With RM2K Fine After Visiting Policeman Husband At Roadblock On Hari Raya

The intention behind the wife's visit was to hand over some Hari Raya delicacies as her husband was working during the holiday.

Cover image via Utusan & Bernama/Free Malaysia Today

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A woman was issued a fine for visiting her policeman husband together with her children while he was on duty at a roadblock on Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Putrajaya district police chief ACP Mohd Fadzil Ali told Harian Metro that the incident took place at the Persiaran Selatan roadblock heading towards Dengkil on Thursday, 13 May.

On 15 May, the woman was issued a RM2,000 compound for visiting her husband on Hari Raya Aidilfitri which was against Rule 17 of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Regulations.

Mohd Fadzil explained, "The policeman and his family also live here in Putrajaya. On allegations that they went there in one vehicle, which was against SOP, no compound was issued as they came in two separate vehicles."

Image via Utusan

The intention behind the wife's visit was to hand over some Hari Raya delicacies as her husband was working during the holiday

According to The Star, Mohd Fadzil also said the woman's actions were viewed as a wife's duty to give her husband moral support.

"However, public interest trumps individual interest and the police do not want such acts to be made into excuses by other families of those on duty, whether it is on Hari Raya or normal days," he added.

"We will not compromise on standard operating procedure (SOP) violations and will take action against those responsible regardless of whether they are civilians or police personnel."

Putrajaya district police chief ACP Mohd Fadzil Ali.

Image via Bernama/Free Malaysia Today

The incident went viral online, garnering mixed reactions from social media users

Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil wrote, "Please show some mercy. Give them advice or a warning. Pity the family of this low-rank officer."

One person noted, "I know it sounds cruel but professionalism is something we have to learn to do better. A warning should have sufficed though and the incident used as an example to educate spouses [on] where the boundaries are and not to interfere when they are on duty."

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, another netizen argued, "No. Not this time. Thankful for frontliners who are working towards protecting the country. But as an officer, you have to show a good example. Starting from your own family, so they do not violate SOP. On the issue of the unfair compound amount, in order to teach a lesson, it is not wrong."

Image via Twitter

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