World's Only-Known Albino Giant Panda Makes Appearance In Video Footage At Wildlife Park

It is believed that the last time anyone saw the creature was in 2019.

Cover image via @XHNews (Twitter)

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An animal that is believed to be the world's only giant albino panda has been spotted at a natural reserve in the Southwestern China province of Sichuan

Beautifully donning a pale-cream coat of fluffy fur and sporting unique blood-red eyes, reports by Asian-American media outlet NextShark stated that the animal was last seen by humans in 2019.

Captured by motion-sensitive field cameras in the Wolong National Natural Reserve in Wenchuan county, the giant panda can be seen approaching what was said to be a mother panda and her cub.

Video stills of the world's only all-white giant panda.

Image via @XHNews (Twitter)

At this point in time, the sex of the magnificent giant has yet to be ascertained, though researchers believed that back in 2019, the cub was somewhere between one and two years old

According to a senior engineer at the China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Pandas, Wei Rongping, speculation over the video evidence suggests that the albino panda may also be one of the mother panda's offspring, judging by her behaviour and response to it.

"This female panda was extremely 'calm' and did not conform to the general rule. One possibility is that the female panda is the mother of the all-white panda," Wei told Shine, a Chinese media publication.

According to the senior engineer, female pandas with cubs can be very aggressive when an adult panda approaches or invades their space, something the mother cub did not exhibit in the video.

The mother panda (in the tree hollow) and her alleged two cubs. The white panda can be seen behind the bamboo on the left side of the image.

Image via @XHNews (Twitter)

While researchers have stated that the panda's albinism may result in physical impairments and diseases, the creature's size, which is comparable to that of an adult giant panda, displays its clear healthy state

Watch the full clip of the giant albino panda on Twitter below:

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