[VIDEO] Another YouTuber Is Showing Off How He Scaled Merdeka 118 During A Thunderstorm

The tower climber said he and his three friends flew to Kuala Lumpur solely to film and climb the world's second tallest building.

Cover image via Driftershoots (YouTube)

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Risking their lives and being caught by police, the content creators behind YouTube channel 'Driftershoots' have posted a video showing how they scaled Kuala Lumpur skyscraper, Merdeka 118

American army veteran and tower-climbing content creator, Isaac 'Drift' Wright, said he and his three friends flew to Kuala Lumpur solely to film and climb the world's second tallest building.

"This is our first international trip solely to go photograph. We're on our way to Kuala Lumpur where we'll be exploring and shooting the second tallest building in the world, hopefully," he says in the opening of the video uploaded on 30 December.

"Hopefully, we also don't get hit by lightning," he added.

The seven-minute video shows the four of them, with their faces censored except for Wright's, climbing the inside of the tower clad in construction workers' outfits

They can be seen cutting through and climbing past restricted areas leading up to the top floor, and also encountering a thunderstorm when they reached the top of the building.

"The journey was long and difficult and full of challenges," Wright wrote in the caption of the video.

However, the thrill seeker admitted that he still enjoyed the law-defying experience.

"A number of attempts had already ended in prison time for certain individuals so we knew we were up against heavy odds," he said.

"The trip ended successfully and it's a gift to be ending the year showing this footage."

He also warned, "This video is an artistic expression of freedom done for love, I do not encourage anybody to recreate the actions shown in this video."

The video on the channel also included scenes of the friends celebrating their success by taking panoramic photos on top of the skyscraper and popping bottles of champagne in a hotel room

The video by Driftershoots comes a month after Russian tower-climbing content creator couple, Ivan Beerkus and Angela Nikolau, also claimed to have conquered the peak of Merdeka 118.

The police are currently investigating the couple for trespassing into the tower.

Watch Wright's high-stakes YouTube video here:

Despite drawing ire for trespassing, Nikolau had also made a video documenting her "incredible" experience scaling Merdeka 118:

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