This Guy Is Planning An Awesome Welcoming Party For Chong Wei Tomorrow

It’s happening at KLIA, 12pm tomorrow. Be there or be square!

Malaysia's top men singles shuttler Datuk Lee Chong Wei carried a huge weight on his shoulders to deliver the nation's first Olympic gold last Saturday night, 20 August

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One day earlier during the Olympics semi-finals, Chong Wei had beaten his arch rival, Lin Dan. Emotions were running high as Chong Wei finally triumphed over his long-time nemesis in the Olympics and Malaysians were eagerly hoping that he'll bring back that elusive Olympic gold medal.

During the finals clash, the world No. 1 went down fighting China's Chen Long. It was his third attempt at gold but he took home his third consecutive Olympic silver after he was defeated in straight sets.

The heartbreaking loss shattered Chong Wei's dreams of an Olympics gold

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Chong Wei couldn't hide his own disappointment with himself for failing to live up to the burdensome "Malaysian Golden Dream" of winning the nation's first Olympic gold medal in Rio De Janeiro.

With teary eyes, he apologised to all Malaysians.

"I tried my best. It wasn't the way I was looking for to end my Olympics. It was just not my day, but I never once gave up. My regret is that I could only win a silver again for the third time," the humble Chong Wei said.

Following that, Malaysians were quick to send words of encouragement and praise for their national hero.

However, Chong Wei's face of disappointment is a look that cannot be easily forgotten, thus leading local filmmaker Luqman Sheikh Ghazali to initiate #ProjectGoldForLCW.

What’s #ProjectGoldForLCW all about?

Luqman Sheikh Ghazali is inviting Malaysians to join him for the #ProjectGoldForLCW.

Image via Luqman Sheikh Ghazali/Vimeo

Earlier today, Luqman posted a video on Facebook to urge Malaysians to join him in being "part of something important", which is to celebrate Chong Wei's outstanding achievements and illustrious career in badminton. He named this project as #ProjectGoldForLCW.

Luqman highlighted that Chong Wei had reigned as World No. 1 for six consecutive years from 2008 till 2013. His amazing feat in the world of badminton includes winning multiple titles from the various Super Series tournaments, and emerging as the champion of the All-England Open and Commonwealth Games.

However, seeing how Chong Wei reacted after his defeat on Saturday, Luqman said Chong Wei does not realise that he is our number 1.

"This is the face of a man who does not know that he has made his country proud. This is the man who believes that after all of his hard work and sacrifices, he has still disappointed his country," said Luqman, while the video showed several pictures of Chong Wei looking rather sad.

"I believe that Chong Wei should be reminded that he is still No. 1 to all of us."

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"I believe that we should remind our national champions that their hard work and efforts are not taken for granted, which is why I want to start this project called #ProjectGoldForLCW," Luqman explained.

"I'm thinking what if normal Malaysians like you and me celebrate Chong Wei's arrival back home from Rio by presenting him our own gold medals. It could be gold medals that we ourselves won, or we can make our own."

He added that he don't have any gold medals himself, except for one gold trophy which he won when he was 12 years old.

"I want to give this (the gold trophy) to him, because for all he has done, he deserves it more than I do. And I'm inviting you to join me," he said in the video.

How can you be a part of this project?

1. Go to KLIA tomorrow, 24 August, by 12pm and personally present your gold medal to Chong Wei.

2. Post a selfie of you wearing your gold medal or holding a trophy with the hashtag #ProjectGoldForLCW at 12pm tomorrow.

Luqman's video came with a disclaimer that there is no guarantee that everyone would get to meet Chong Wei tomorrow.

"Just to be clear, I have not made any official reservations and I'm simply trying my luck if I get to meet him. Feel free to come and join me," he said.

"This is our way of telling him, 'Thank you for making us all number 1'."

"This was Chong Wei's last Olympics. Maybe Chong Wei didn't get the Olympic gold medal so let's give him something even more valuable," he concluded at the end of the video.

Watch Luqman's heartwarming video here:

Will you be joining Luqman for #ProjectGoldForLCW tomorrow? Share with us your plans in the comments section below!

Meanwhile, China coach Li Yongbo said that Chong Wei would've had a better career if the world No. 1 was on his team:

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