Check Out How M'sians Cheered On Our Special Olympics Athletes Using 5G Technology

The Special Olympics athletes were able to enjoy the support and love from Malaysians without feeling overwhelmed.

Cover image via U Mobile (YouTube)

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National athletes who took part in the Special Olympics World Games 2023 in Berlin from 17 to 25 June took home four golds, five silvers, and nine bronzes, making it Malaysia's best achievement in the Special Olympics World Games to date

Team Malaysia with Special Olympics Malaysia and U Mobile.

Image via Special Olympics Malaysia

Every two years, athletes with intellectual disabilities come together and compete in Special Olympics World Games, held either in the summer or winter. This year, it took place in the summer in Berlin, Germany from 17 to 25 June.

Our home team — Team Malaysia, supported by local non-profit organisation Special Olympics Malaysia dedicated to assisting the intellectually disabled, brought home an impressive tally of medals. The government even awarded them with rewards worth RM95,500 from the National Sports Incentive Scheme (SHAKAM).

And if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's how we're always so semangat in showing our support for our national athletes, right?

Whether it's badminton, bowling, esports, or football, nothing brings Malaysians together quite like sports!

There's a special feeling when Negaraku gets played in the big stadium while the Jalur Gemilang gets raised for a win. T.T

And these amazing Special Olympics athletes brought home 18 medals!

Having beaten all odds to be just standing here today, what more competing on a global stage, these athletes deserve our support more than ever <3

As such, Malaysians should be given the platform to cheer on these amazing athletes, who have made more than made our country proud.

However, most of the athletes are on the autism spectrum and are usually affected by sensory overload

As these athletes are easily overloaded by external stimuli, they cannot receive the typical cheering and chanting like how we usually do for our national players in the stadium. This is because the loud sound and big movements can trigger sensory overload, which then causes the athletes to panic and breakdown.

With sheer determination, U Mobile goes all out to find a method to deliver Malaysians' love and support to the Special Olympics athletes that they deserve

With thorough research, planning, and the help of 5G technology, U Mobile devised a plan to set up a controlled stadium-like-environment with screens to live broadcast the cheer and support of Malaysians to create an immersive and impactful experience for the Special Olympics athletes.

The Special Olympics athletes gathered in front of the video wall, waiting for the livestream to begin. When it finally did, they were at a loss for words.

With real-time controlled volume, lighting, motion, and familiar people close by, the Special Olympics athletes were able to receive the cheers and support from Malaysians that volunteered to support on the live stream. It was a truly #UnbeatableTogether experience!

A few of the athletes jumped and squealed in excitement, while others walked around in awe of the event. One of the athletes, Joanna, who competed in athletics at the Special Olympics World Games, was especially thrilled about the livestream.

Through the marvels of 5G, U Mobile was able to seamlessly livestream a stadium full of volunteers cheering for Team Malaysia

U Mobile believes in the spirit of inclusivity and in making tech meaningful.

Like the Special Olympics athletes, who were able to experience the cheers in a more controlled environment without having to compromise on the experience, U Mobile intends to do the same for people across the country to feel included through tech regardless of abilities or disabilities.

Watch the full video of the special occasion here:

Learn more about the Special Olympics athletes' #UnbeatableSpirit on this website. You can also head over to this YouTube playlist to uncover each Special Olympics athlete's story.

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