5 Free-To-Play Cosy Games To Spend The Weekend Relaxing To

So wholesome!

Cover image via Equinoxe (Steam) & LAY (Steam)

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If you don't play games because the storyline can be too intense or the gameplay is too difficult, then you should check out these relaxing, minimal-effort games to play:

1. Elif (2022) – a third-person player game where you have to solve puzzles and overcome challenges with your dog

Follow Elif in her fantasy world, where she is a small doll exploring a playroom 10 times her size, with the help of Crocus, her toy dog companion.

She narrates the story while overcoming obstacles, like climbing a mountain of books and solving puzzles by throwing darts, in order to find a book for her friend.

Image via Steam
Image via Steam

Download Elif here and watch the trailer below:

2. LAY (2022) – travel via manta rays as you explore and interact with the islands in a mysterious and colourful world

In LAY (2022), you play as Elise, an explorer, as she wakes up in an unfamiliar world and begins solving puzzles to discover the secrets of the mysterious world she's in.

In the game, you're able to ride manta rays that actually fly. They are scattered throughout the world and it's your job to decode the mystery of the four islands.

Image via Steam
Image via Steam

Download LAY here and watch the trailer below:

3. Owlone in the Woods (2022) – Ever wondered what it would be like to be an owl? Play as a nocturnal bird as you traverse through dangerous situations to get your chicks home safely.

Owlone In The Woods (2022) is a 2D platform game where you play as an owl that has been struck by lightning and lost its ability to fly. 

Try to avoid the dangerous forest floors as you attempt to lead your owlets home one by one by camouflaging and hiding from the fox.

Image via Steam
Image via Steam

Download Owlone In The Woods here.

Image via Steam

4. Runo (2021) – Discover deep secrets stemming from ancient folklore that come to reality in the game as you visit an old family cottage

Runo (2021) is a first-person walking simulator game set in Finland, where you visit your grandmother's old cottage and accidentally discover a world of ancient Finnish folklore and myths slowly coming to reality.

Solve puzzles using kantele, which is a traditional Finnish instrument, and other tools available within the mythical world, as you decipher ancient runes in an attempt to return home. 

Image via Steam
Image via Steam

Download Runo here.

Image via Steam

5. Equinoxe (2022) – Become the guardian of ethereal mirroring worlds called Equinoxe and restore life to them through puzzle-solving

In Equinoxe (2022), you play as the guardian attempting to restore balance by solving puzzles in mirroring worlds.

As darkness begins to take over the worlds, it is your duty to mend and protect them as the guardian of Equinoxe. Your logic and perspective skills will be highly useful in solving the puzzles in both mirror worlds. 

Image via Steam
Image via Steam

Download Equinoxe here and watch the trailer below:

These relaxing games are available on mobile for on-the-go gaming:

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