You Can Get Over 500 Food Rewards Every Day With The All-New MyDigi App

Plus other amazing deals across 7,000 locations nationwide.

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The biggest struggle we Malaysians face is deciding what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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And it's really not that simple. We want something that not only tastes good, but gives us value. That's why we're always on the lookout for special deals, lunch discounts, and nearby offers. In fact, Malaysians are probably the only people who would travel an extra 15 minutes just for RM5 off.

To cater to Malaysians' hunger for a good meal and a better deal, Digi is now giving out more than 500 food rewards daily for its customers

With the all-new MyDigi Rewards, customers can now gain access to tons of awesome food rewards every day from outlets like Baskin Robbins, Tony Roma's, Tealive, Gindaco, and so many more. Plus, all these deals are just a tap away through the MyDigi app.

To help customers decide where to eat, meet, or shop, MyDigi Rewards has also introduced a "Near Me" feature

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Just like how you can ask Google what restaurants are “near you”, you can ask MyDigi Rewards what kind of offers and special deals are available around you. The app even shows you the actual distance to the participating merchant outlet, making it easier for you to choose which reward you should redeem. Sometimes, you will also find Reward Sneak Peeks, which allow you to see upcoming deals.

A cool addition to MyDigi Rewards is the tier system

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You can now level up from Yellow to Gold to Platinum by earning points whenever you spend and pay your bills on time. Every tier has access to great deals and birthday month specials, but the higher tiers give customers super exclusive deals.

For instance, when we logged onto MyDigi app, we found that certain rewards were reserved for Platinum members (that’s why the reward was greyed out). In fact, those in Platinum even get priority access to device deals and special event invites.

While the rewards are free-for-all, Digi also wanted to provide every customer with a personalised touch

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Through Box of Surprises, Digi customers will receive customised freebies and deals, tailored to their daily needs. Whether you're a prepaid or postpaid customer, you will get at least one offer at any given time, which can include free internet, discounted internet plans, exclusive short term internet passes, and phone bundles.

All in all, Digi wants to make the mobile experience a rewarding one

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Download the MyDigi App right now to check out all the F&B deals you can get via MyDigi Rewards.

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