Transport Minister Launches 2 Ride-Hailing Apps That's Exclusively For Booking Taxis

Transport Minister Anthony Loke called e-hailing platforms for taxis "the way forward."

Cover image via World Bulletin

Another e-hailing platform has been introduced in Malaysia.

TaxiGo, a service excluding private vehicles, is expected to benefit some 60,000 registered taxis throughout the country.

The e-Service, developed by local company Cab Mmobility San Bhd, imposes a RM2 fee on all trips instead of taking a percentage of commission from the taxi fare, The Star reported.

The TaxiGo application can be downloaded via Google Store for Android and App Store for iOS users.

According to Transport Minister Anthony Loke, TaxiGo's specialty is that it offers its drivers an alternative source of income, simply by installing a 'Digital Advertising Media' service in their taxis for free

"I was made to understand that future taxi drivers will be able to enjoy monthly income (non fare) of 10% to 20% if their taxi is fitted with the digital advertisement feature," he told reporters at the application's launch.

In his speech, the Transport Minister called e-hailing platforms for taxis "the way forward" as it gives more options to consumers who want good service for affordable fares

According to New Straits Times, he said that an optimum public transportation system could only be achieved through efficient taxi industry.

"The most important element for consumers when calling for a taxi or private car is that they must know how much they have to pay before they enter the car," Loke added.

Image via World Bulletin

He also encouraged taxi drivers to give a good impression of Malaysia to tourists, saying that, "Taxi drivers are the country's mini ambassadors to reflect Malaysia's culture and way of living. Therefore you have to give a warm welcome and offer friendly service to your customers."

This is the second e-hailing application the Transport Minister has launched this week

On Saturday, 15 December, Loke launched CALLme, an application exclusively for taxi drivers at airports, The Star reported.

CALLme is initiated at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) first, before being extended to city taxis nationwide.

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