Capture High Resolution Stills & Videos With The New FUJIFILM X-H2 Camera And Lenses

The X-H2 joins FUJIFILM's signature X Series lineup.

Cover image via FUJIFILM (provided to SAYS)

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People take pictures and shoot videos for a lot of reasons, from capturing memorable moments in life to connecting with a community of people through social media

Some even do it as a professional career, which encompasses taking in requests from clients to capture important moments for either personal or commercial use.

But whatever your reasons may be, you should definitely check out FUJIFILM's latest innovation if you want to elevate your photography game.

Touted as the 'highest resolution camera' in the history of the X Series lineup by FUJIFILM, the X-H2 sets the bar high

The FUJIFILM X-H2 camera is a mirrorless digital camera equipped with FUJIFILM's proprietary colour reproduction technology.

It features a new back-illuminated 40.2MP "X-Trans CMOS 5 HR 1" sensor and the high-speed "X-Processor 5". What this means is, the flagship model camera boasts high resolutions for stills and videos.

Additionally, the X-H2 is also the first ever APS-C camera that enables 8K/30P Apple ProRes internal recording, thanks to its new sensor and heat-dissipating design. To clarify, APS-C is a type of image sensor in digital photography that is ideal for close up shots of small subjects. This is also referred to as 'macro photography'.

Accompanying the release of the new X-H2 camera from FUJIFILM are two interchangeable lenses, known as FUJINON XF56mmF1.2 R WR and GF20-35mmF4 R WR

Up first is the XF56mmF1.2 R WR mid-telephoto lens that features stunning bokeh and an accurate autofocus

The bokeh effect is produced through its open aperture which features the finer details of a subject and makes it stand out. The new lens also improves minimum focus distancing by facilitating table-top photography, while catering to a wide variety of shooting situations, including street photography! 

As such, while using this lens, people can expect to capture accurate subject details complemented by top-notch bokeh contrasted in the background. Moreover, it's also able to attain focus quickly and accurately when capturing a subject, ensuring that your pictures stay clear and distinct.

In contrast, the FUJINON Lens GF20-35mmF4 R WR captures photographic wide-angle shots

Image via FUJIFILM

This particular lens captures information-dense subject matter such as expansive landscapes and cityscapes with precise details in high resolution, thanks to its wide-angle 35mm lens.

Users who love to travel, where picturesque and scenic views are often the focus, can definitely benefit from this wide-angle lens' unique perspective and even take videos in a documentary-style format.

Check out this video to get a clearer idea of what the FUJIFILM X-H2 is capable of:

Ultimately, the FUJIFILM X-H2 and both of its accompanying lenses are definitely a good option to look out for if you're in the market for a professional camera

You can get more details regarding it through FUJIFILM's official website.

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