Pros & Cons Of 3 Different Car Phone Holders So You Can See Which One Is Best For You

They are one of the most crucial car accessories for safe and secure driving.

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Car accessories are becoming increasingly essential, thanks to their helpful features that ensure maximum focus on the road

An in-car phone holder is one of the best car accessories you can get, and for good reason. It allows you to maintain better focus on the road, and it can save you from a potential saman, as using your phone while driving is an offence under Rule 17A of the Road Traffic Rules 1959.

Don't be like this guy.

Image via D'Vaughn Bell/Pexels

Did you know there are three major types of in-car phone holders?

While all of them serve the same purpose, certain differences may appeal more to your preferences than others.

Here are the three types of phone holders you can consider:

1. Windscreen mount

Image via ubuy

Windscreen mounts typically use suction cups to stick on either the dashboard or the windscreen. They offer a clear line of sight and allow the driver to keep their eyes on the road. However, since they remain in your peripheral vision, they may obstruct some of the view of the road, which can be risky, especially in urban settings.

Another thing to consider is the intense Malaysian weather, which can cause certain materials to degrade and weaken over time.

- Great line of sight
- Can be mounted either on the dashboard or the windscreen
- Excellent mount

Might block the view of the road
- Suction cup may leave residue on the windscreen/dashboard
- Most require two-handed operation
- Vulnerable to hot weather

Image via Amazon

2. Vent mount

Image via Amazon

Better known locally as the 'air cond mount', this holder provides a relatively good line of sight and functionality. Vent mounts commonly come in magnet-based and clamp-based designs, offering versatility to accommodate various preferences. Some models may even incorporate wireless charging capabilities.

Most vent mounts available in Malaysian markets allow for one-handed operation, meaning you can secure your phone with one hand while keeping the other on the steering wheel.

However, this also means you're putting extra strain on the vent, potentially causing some of your vent fins to snap over time.

- Simple one-handed operation
- Great line of sight
- Phone does not overheat while using GPS

Blocked vent means someone is not getting the air cond
- Vent fins might break after prolonged use

Image via Lazada

3. Rear-view mirror mount

Image via Fruugo

This type of phone holder is mounted on your rear-view mirror. This mount can be very secure and solid, depending on the condition of your rear-view mirror. Plus, the driver doesn't need to look away as much since it's positioned in the centre of the line of sight.

- Clear line of sight
- Solid and secure mounting
- Doesn't leave a residue when mounting

Adjusting the rear-view mirror will change the phone's position
- Prolonged use may affect the rear-view mirror's hinge, although unlikely
- Most of these mounts require two-handed operation

Image via Shopee

Remember, never use your phone while driving! Only use your phone when your car is at a complete stop and you are sure your surroundings are safe.

With Hari Raya Aidilfitri approaching and roads expected to be filled with cars, we'd like to remind our readers to drive safely.

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